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Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm. It is about synonyms and also about context. With Hummingbird Google can judge the context i.e. carrying out a search by judging the intent of a person. It helps to determine what the user trying to find out. Such concept is called semantic search.

Hummingbird pays much attention to each word used in query to ensure the whole query, the whole sentence or contemplate what meaning is to taken into account. Hummingbird is all about “understanding content”. This is an approach to inspire one in managing and planning content. If you are not thinking like hummingbird then you should begin from now.

Think for once, why will people look for something else, which doesn’t relate with their query. A content strategy should be designed to answer their needs, not just provide them with facts. Google states that Hummingbird update was the first major update of search algorithm of Google. As Hummingbird considers each word but also how each word makes up the entirety of the query. The motto is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words.

This Hummingbird algorithm, emphasis on page content and provide more relevant and reliable search result. It assures the user that Google delivers most appropriate page of a website, rather than to a home page or top-level page.

SEO received little changes with the addition of Hummingbird, though the more top ranking results are ones that provide natural content that reads conversationally. Hummingbird adds more strength to long-tailed keywords. The use of keyword synonyms have also been optimized with Hummingbird; instead of listing results with exact phrases or keywords, Google shows more theme-related results.

While keywords within the query still continue to be important. Webmasters will now have to serve towards queries that are asked naturally; with the growing number of conversational queries — namely those using voice search, targeting phrases that start with “Who, Why, Where, and How” will prove beneficial towards SEO.

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