5 Best Powerpoint Presentation on SEO


5 Best Powerpoint Presentation on SEO

One of the biggest challenges that an SEO professional and marketers experience is making a SEO ppt. They usually go around looking for SEO presentation that can explain what is SEO and how valuable is SEO. Many a times marketers and SEO experts are given task for preparing SEO presentation that explains:

Depending on the need of the purpose,you can select different kind of presentations. 10seos.com brings to you five best powerpoint presentations on SEO that can give you an idea of how to build a presentation that is intuitive and comprehensive around different aspects of optimization.

Introduction to SEO 

This presentation is compiled by Rank Fishermen from the SEO Moz team. This presentation consist of 150 slides that cover a wide spectrum of topics on SEO. Some of the topics are covered by different visualization methods and valuable statistics that can convey the benefit and importance of SEO very nicely.

Keyword Research


This presentation is an appropriate summation of different aspects of keywords research. This presentation is given by Folks at copyblogger. The slideshows talk about different ways of keyword research and the benefit that can be drawn.

Social Media for SEO and Link Building 

Link building is a crucial practice for marketers to gain ranking. Hence this specific topic should be explained internally to get return for the creative link building ideas you have.

How to Write a Killer Product Page

Sometimes doing SEO seems to be easy then updating the existing product page. This slideshow is a nice how to’s on best practice for optimizing product page to help the page convey the information better to the potential customers.

Diagnosing Technical Issues with Search Engine Optimization

This PPT is meant for an advanced level problems. This gives a detailed overview about the potential problems that can occur. This PPT is very useful to share with your company’s development team to make them understand what sort of technical issue may arrive that can affect the website negatively.

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