5 Best Link Building Tactics For Improving The Blog’s Search Engine Ranking


5 Best Link Building Tactics For Improving The Blog’s Search Engine Ranking

Often blogs are regarded as the best tool to achieve search engine optimization but in reality blogs are just a tool and the amount of SEO success for blogs depends upon the way the blogs are used. Keyword optimization is must to push a blog top in search engine but along with that blog content should earn quality links to establish authority and trust in audiences and search engine.

Link building is a process that is mandatory to earn benefit in your business. A proper link reflects that the site is authoritative and hence the information is worth to consider. But if you are confused about how to go about link building then 10seos is here to solve your confusion. Have a glance on these tactics:

1. Create content that are worth linking

Content is the key in getting better ranking in search results. You have to generate content that are new, relevant and sticks with the needs of your targeted customers. Have a look on the other blogs that have been earning better links building through content and also rank top in search results. These blog post can be helpful for you to get an idea and develop your content accordingly.

2. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an important tactics of link building. When you write blogs for other relevant blogs, make sure to add link in your bio. When you analyse the top blogs you can find that linking building is a powerful tool in their total marketing efforts. You can find that the top blogs does accept guest post. You can encash this opportunity by contacting the owner and suggest a post that can be helpful for their readers. While you submit your guest post on the blog make sure to add the link to your own blog with some relevant keyword in the link text.

3. Submit to regular website directories

There are blog specific directories that are available but there are many who does not disconnect blogs from the website. If a quality directory has relevant category with other reputed sites then you can go ahead and list your blog as an important resource of information. Doing this can earn you some most relevant links to your blog.

4. Include the blog URL in social media sites

Social media sites are a hub of relevant people that you offer to target for your blog. Then what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and link your social media profile with your own blog and you can find a tremendous improvement in your business and ranking.

5. Add comments

Commenting at relevant sites and blogs can generate getter ranking for your blog. Social sites like Quora are quite authoritative sites in the eyes of search engine. If you post answers and comments relevant to your niche industry and provide your blog’s link, then it may fetch you with better ranking with a strong link building from an authoritative site.

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