10 Examples Of Social Media Posts To Get Inspired


10 Examples Of Social Media Posts To Get Inspired

Social media has become an inevitable part of a business’s digital marketing strategy. Be it a personal blog, website, or eCommerce platform, we highly rely on social media to reach and connect with potential customers. And why not? Today social media has become a significant part of every individual’s life and therefore an ideal platform to connect with them promptly. This is why businesses are always working on developing highly engaging social media posts ideas.

Now when it comes to planning and creating these posts to keep your target audience engaged, you can’t limit yourself to just one or two ideas. Here you would ask yourself- How to come up with content ideas for social media?

So to help you answer that question, we bring to you the 10 best social media post ideas for businesses who want to boost engagement with their audience. Read on.

10 Examples Of Social Media Posts To Get Inspired

In order to excel on social media, it is a must that brands should not stick to just one type of content. This is because such content can be repetitive, making your audience lose interest and stop following your page. Hence, the following 10 social media content Ideas are here to guide you to design different kinds of content. Let’s check them out.

1. Use High-Quality & Relevant Content

Relevant and engaging social media posts are the soul of any social media platform, especially if they are regular. These relevant posts keep the audience excited to see your brand’s content. Examples of such daily social media post ideas are as follows:

  • High-Quality Pictures/ Videos

    Before posting any media on your page, make sure that it is high-quality. Such pictures and videos deliver a great impression to the audience and hence improve engagement.

    High-Quality Pictures/ Videos

    Source: wishpond.com

  • Live Videos

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have features of going live. Hence whenever you have relevant and interesting content to showcase with your audience, you can go live on a particular platform.

You can also choose specific days of the week to go live. Plus, you can also post your live videos after the live session ends and also add them to highlights, as you do on Instagram and Facebook.

  • National Random Day

    For the last few years, the world is witnessing a number of days to celebrate, both significant and silly. If it means any relevance to you and your brand, you can choose to post about it on your media page. However make sure your audience resonates with it, and it does not appear without purpose.

  • Create Memes

Who doesn’t participate in memes today, especially if it's a trending one?

Use a trending meme and be a part of the ongoing flow or create one that is funny yet conveys your brand message.

  • How-To Videos

    How-to videos and tutorials are the easiest way to describe steps in a process. They are wildly trendy social media posts these days. Even if you are a food brand and want to post recipes, adding quick, crisp, and to the point, short videos will do.

    How-To Videos

    Source: wishpond.com

  • Quick Tips

Besides producing how-to videos, you can also post important tips, tricks, and quick advice. Sharing content in small bits is rather an easy yet effective way to present information.

  • Behind The Scene

Behind the scenes, pictures and videos display a brand’s authenticity to its viewers and strengthen their trust. Posts showing work in progress, quirky moments at the office, event preparations, and alike maintains excitement within the audience.

  • Blog Posts

    If your business has a blog, the best way to get it seen by the audience is by sharing it on your social media handle. Also, make certain that your blog’s content is useful and gels with your audience.

    Blog Posts

    Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

  • Infographics

Infographics are great ways to show step-by-step processes on Pinterest. Here, you can present a lot of information using interesting visuals to draw the attention of audiences.

  • Post About Hiring & Team Members

Post hiring announcements on your social media, as many people are likely to look for opportunities here. Also, talk about your new, old, and valuable team members and express your joy in having them in your company.

  • Announcements

If you got an announcement to make, there ain't a better way than making it on social media. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't post everything on social media, but the relevant content. Hence, go with shout-outs, discount offers, events, workshops, milestones, and like things to gather and engage the crowd.

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2. Share Intriguing Stories

When you talk about interactive posts for social media, stories are another amazing way. Almost every platform has a story posting feature, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or else. Also, every story stays for just 24 hours, hence making the most benefit by posting short, quick, and intriguing stories that need not last over a day.

  • You can choose from the following trending social media content topics for your stories:
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts, for example, Instagram posts, videos, and IGTV videos
    • Brand products
    • Shoppable content, such as jewelry, book, clothing, furniture, etc.
    • Live events
    • National Random Days
    • Polls and questions
    • Contests and giveaways
    • DMs by fans and followers
    • Random everyday quotes
    • Event Countdown
    • Throwbacks

Share Intriguing Stories

Source: freepik.com

3. Host Polls Or Ask Questions

Host polls when you need your audience’s opinion before launching a new product, post, feature, or event. These are among the most successful social media post ideas that help businesses get feedback in real-time. You may either use a ‘This’ or ‘That’ poll or a direct question about something to collect insights from the audience.

4. Host A Contest or Giveaway

Host A Contest or Giveaway

Source: sproutsocial.com

When it comes to boosting engagement from followers, hosting a contest is one of the most impactful social media business content ideas. Social profiles that run contests on a regular basis grow 70% faster than those that don’t. All you need to have is something to give away, terms and conditions, an interesting way to enter, and a contact point. Hence, hosting a contest, if feasible, can prove to be a great idea to promote yourself.


5. Share Your Company Values And Objectives

Your company’s insights, values, and objectives are among the most interactive social media posts ideas. These posts tell the audience what the business is all about. Share glimpses of your company events, anniversaries, participation, success, charity, fundraising, etc. to showcase your personality to the audience.

Share Your Company Values And Objectives

Source: chesstag.com

6. Share About Your Team or Team Members

Sharing about your team or team members is another social media post example. It shows that you care about your people, appreciate their presence, and honor their contributions to your company. These people can be your old employees, new interns, an employee of the month, or any other that you wish to highlight.

Share About Your Team or Team Members

Source: coschedule.com

7. Share An Accomplishment

Companies should share their success stories and milestones with their followers. If you have won an award or got featured by a prominent magazine, interviewed by news channels, etc. Sharing an accomplishment exhibits your growth. Hence, among several social media engagement posts ideas, this can prove to be highly beneficial in attracting and engaging potential customers.

Share An Accomplishment

Source: chesstag.com

8. Host an Ask Me Anything Session

If you are looking for some highly interactive posts for social media, AMA would do. You might have seen influencers and celebrities on Instagram encouraging their audience for Ask me Anything sessions. These sessions allow followers to ask questions on various topics, like personal lives, a specific cause, brand product, etc. You can even post your most liked questions to your page’s stories.

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9. Feature Your Customer Or Customer Generated Content

Giving a shout-out to your customer is a great way to show them your appreciation. You can do that by using the following creative social media ideas:

  • Posting Reviews & Testimonials

Ask your customers to provide reviews about your products and services. Showcase their words as your social media posts. These reviews are a great tactic to help drive sales.

  • Videos of Customers using your products

Secondly, you can spotlight customers and their feedback using their own videos. Ask your customers to share videos of them using the brand’s products and sharing their feedback. Post these videos on your page and request your customers to reshare them on their pages.

  • Pictures posted by customers and celebs

You can also ask your customers to share high-quality pictures of them wearing or using your product. For example, jewelry, beauty products, etc. Also, a majority of the population follows trends by celebs and influencers. Hence, if you have a celebrity customer, posting/reposting their reviews and pictures may give your brand a boost. You may take such social media post inspiration from a number of clothing and beauty brand pages

Feature Your Customer Or Customer Generated Content

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10. Pick Trending Topics

Lastly, pick trending and interactive posts for social media platforms. These topics can be a trending video, a movie dialogue, dance steps, or a trending song like Bella Ciao! You just have to be really active on social platforms to know and analyze what’s trending. Grab those ideas and create stuff resonating with your brand personality. Such content stands a higher chance to be enjoyed by a number of people and results in higher engagement.

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Conclusion- Examples Of Social Media Posts To Get Inspired

As a growing business, you must know that in order to boost up your following, you must offer your audience something new every day. And to make that possible, the above social media post inspiration ideas will play a significant role. Also, having a full-time social media manager would be of utmost help to carry on the routine postings. Such a person will also be able to use social media management tools effectively. So what are you waiting for?

Time to replan your social media management strategy and execute the above ideas for social media posts to increase engagement effectively.

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