With the growth of online marketing system,Seo services, social media marketing and content marketing have started working together to yield better results. When they work in sync, they lead to increase in traffic by providing valuable content to the customers.

 Social media marketing is an effective tool for marketers who are trying to use social media platform to increase their reach to the potential customers.

The buying behaviour of the customers are highly influenced by the word of the mouth. Earlier people consulted their friends and family before purchasing anything. But with change of time,place of the friends and family recommendation is taken by influencers or the experts of the industry. In social media, social influencers play a vital role in increasing and influencing the buying behaviour of the people.

Social media influencers are individual in social media who enjoys a strong followers group. They are sometimes mid level professionals that influence a smaller group of people related to a particular field. These social media influencers are like thought leaders and people look upto them for the latest trend and updates in their related field. Seo companies in St Louis identifies the importance of social media influencers and recognizes the fact that, these thought leaders have the capacity to spread the reach of the brand to the people who are currently not accessible to the brands.

How to identify the social influencer?

The first thing that is to be kept in mind, is doing a right kind of research about the individual's extent and reach to its followers on social media.

Secondly the influencer should have a direct relation with the industry the brand caters.

Thirdly the influencer audience should match the target audience of the brand.

Fourth and most important factor is that involvement of the influencer should not negatively hamper the reputation of the brand.

 There are many factors that work together to find the best influencer for the brand but there are three broad major points to remember:


The most important factor to consider is the relevance of the influencer with the brand. It may be possible that the social media influencer has high engagement level with his followers and has huge followers base as well but if it does not have any relevance to the brand, it is of no use.

For example, if somebody has started a new business in cosmetic product, they can target influencer from the same industry to endorse his brand to its followers and not to any food blogger.


Reach of the influencer means the type and quantity of followers that an influencer enjoy. Before considering an influencer fit for the brand, a details research should be done. A huge follower base with low quality will not be a good point of consideration. Nashville seo experts suggests that proper research should be done on specific demographics of the followers. Sometimes the followers of the influencers may be above or below the age criteria of the target audience of the brand, in this case the marketing strategy would not prove to be very successful.


It takes lot of time and efforts to establish the brand and its value for its customers. Before hiring any social media influencer, it is to be kept in mind that the image of the brand does not get badly affected with the association. The brand value of the company should get projected and intensify by the social media influencer.

 Half battle is already won with the identification of a social influencer. Now the next step is to find strategies that can work together with the social media influencer marketing to develop the engagement of the customers on social media.

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