Earning extra bucks is always a welcoming affair but seldom we refuse to accept offers because it does not match with our current professional commitments. Affiliate marketing solves this problem easily. It is about promoting other brand or company without investing much time and earn commission against it. Learning SEO enabled affiliate marketing requires a combination of hard work, dedication and skills.

 The benefit of affiliate marketing is, it is not location centric and the professional can choose the product that they want to promote. Best seo affiliate programs suggest that the return gained is directly proportional to the amount of time invested. Depending on the availability after the professional commitment and your hopes from the enterprise, you may choose to be marketer who set up shop and wait for customers to come or proactively expand the word for the business by popular brand affiliates.

But the biggest question is where to start from?. It is always important to have a full fledged knowledge about internet and different affiliate marketing strategy before starting anything.  Gaining knowledge from different blogs running seo affiliate programs will help to target customers easily and gain success.

 Here’s a list of top 10 affiliate seo marketing blogs that can give a clear insight for the road of success


This blog helps us to teach about how to live a .com lifestyle. This blog has been immensely successful in generating returns starting from nothing. It can help to learn the nuances behind choosing a right brand, building authenticity and attracting maximum traffic. It is one of the popular sites for learning seo marketing.

2. lukepeerfly

Luke Kling who own this blog claims to have all the remedies about affiliate seo marketing. The blog has valuable tips for increasing social media traffic, structuring the website, promotional methods and getting conversion. One can sign up his free newsletter and get insight about his successful online projects.

3. Shoemoney

This blog gives an elaborate knowledge regarding the .com lifestyle. The blog categorises business model on three idea-

  • Welcome new trends and find opportunities to exploit them

  • Focus on the knowledge that you have

  • Small changes can target big revenue.

Shoemoney. Com helps to strategize affiliate marketing for seo and succeed in the mid of the ups and down of online marketing. This also provide free online training program.


Charles Ngo, a well known marketer shares his way for affiliate marketing by strategizing for smarter ways to gain results. His blog post generally carry topics that are commonly faced by marketers doing affiliate marketing and is among the top seo blog sites. They also run program called AFF celelator to give people better knowledge for affiliate marketing.


This blog contain longer article of around 1000 words that deals with real life experiences in his blog. The blog also give tips on how to be relevant and transitional in the changing market scenario and still maintain a steady income flow, how to use seo affiliates in the marketing industry etc. 


This blog gives valuable tips on building passive income stream line. It has answers for all the relevant affiliate marketing questions. It can range from how to create fresh blog post idea or using google alert for new affiliate program or any other query. This blog has answers for all of them.

7. Affiliate marketing blog by Geno Prussakov

 Geno Prussakov is an international speaker, consultant, blogger, author and the founder of AM navigator which is an affiliate marketing agency. This blog digs into the industrial fundamentals and promote discussion about customer acquisition strategy, creating content, managing affiliate and other relevant topics. He also updates his reader by mentioning the upcoming events related to affiliate marketing industry.

8. High paying affiliate program blog

This blog is always updated with fresh content about maximum utilization of online marketing sphere. They also have a separate section for benefit of affiliate marketing and gives tips to start affiliate marketing.

9. Adam Riemer marketing

This blog is filled with new ideas about affiliate marketing,blogging, monetizing website and advertising through mobile. The publisher of the blog has also written book on affiliate marketing that can be accessed through the blog and gain all the pertinent information about affiliate marketing.

10.  Affiliate marketing blog

The blog owner Shawn Collin is an expert in seo blog marketing. He has an experience about 20 years in the industry and he shares his bank of knowledge in his blog. The blog offers podcast that has interview of personalities related to affiliate marketing. These interviews are valuable source of information for people looking for an insight in affiliate marketing industry.

These blogs are a huge bank of knowledge. It is better to gain a full insight of affiliate marketing and then step in for the job. A carefully strategized approach in affiliate marketing can yield better result.

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