How Blog Readers Can Be Converted Into Buyers?


How Blog Readers Can Be Converted Into Buyers?

Digital marketing is proliferating its tentacles in every business these days. Especially marketers target blogs and social media platforms to promote their brand for increasing their reach to  target customers. Today the buying behaviour of the customers has changed significantly. They use different blogs and platforms to get the information before switching to buy it.

 Often it is seen that blogs with thousands of visitors are not able to convert their visitors into buyers.The reason can be simple but it has to be analysed at right time so that the energy and resources does not get wasted.

Let us focus on some steps that can be followed to convert the readers into buyers.


Conversion for brands depends upon the topic and the style of writing the content. It is obvious that communication pattern of the content would differ according to the customers targeted. For example, content used for targeting teenagers cannot be used for attracting tech professionals.

It is often observed that bloggers uses content that are attracting to them in terms of subject matter and language rather than their targeted customers. Blogs should always answers the question that the reader asks.

Knowing the target audience requires to focus on certain characteristics like age, gender,profession, interest and most importantly what problem they are facing and why. These factors narrows the focus of the blog content. The structure of the blog including themes,style, content etc should be focused around the targeted customers.


It is recommended by experts from new york seo companies that blog contents should be formulated around the problem that are faced by targeted audience. Topics that are based around the problematic areas are more prone to have conversion of visitors  because they are in need of solution which are recommended in the blog. 

The real catch is in not giving the full solution to a problem.The content of the blog should be such that provides a detailed and actionable solution to the problem but not the total solution. There should always be a room for the firms call to action that visitors can use to gain more information or assistance by completing the desired action such as filling a form or subscribing the blog or adding email address etc


Customers generally buy product depending upon the different criteria such as

  • Need:

Customers buy product to solve the need for it. They are aware that they need the product but are not sure about it. For example Mr. X’s geyser has stopped working. it is a problem that he is facing but does not know how to solve it.

  • Initial research:

In this phase the customer is likely to search for solving the problem. In case of Mr.X he will try to find out if the geyser can be repaired or he has to change the problematic part with a new one. In case Mr X has to buy new parts , he will start searching the best product at the lowest price on internet.

  • Final stage research: 

in this stage the customer has got his solution for the problem and is trying to figure out where to buy from.

  • purchase

Customer finally purchases the product that offer minimum price and maximum quality.

Generating conversion from blog post would require to target customers at the initial research stage by providing them all the relevant information regarding their problem solving efforts.

Companies providing seo services in new york elaborates that the main task of the blogger would be creating a content that should be so much persuasive and confidence orienting that the customer directly jumps from initial research phase to purchase phase.


In this competitive world people have less time and very fickle span of attention. The content of the blog should be built in a way that has points that can catch the eye of the reader easily. There are certain ways that can be followed for this like:

  • Using bullet points, sub headings wherever necessary

  • Write in short paragraphs

  • Using fonts that are clearly visible

  • Using images and key points to elaborate.


Buying is always a part of human emotion due to involvement of money into it. There are certain factors that triggers the emotional points of the customers they are:

  • Using language that provoke positiveness in the mind of the buyers.

  • Relation building is a factor that effect in retaining the readers and converting them in to buyers.


Blogs focused on converting the readers into buyers should target on single point and use minimal distractions says phoenix seo expert. It is necessary the information given should be in flow and include only those information that are bare necessary. Data for supporting the information can be given at the end of the article to reduce distractions.


Buying a product on sale is something that we all do. We sometime end up buying thing that we were never sure about. The reason behind is the time span was too less to do a logical thinking before buying. This is the effect of urgency that has to implied in the content of the blog post to initiate conversions.


It is obvious to us that the purpose of the blog is to convert the readers into buyers but too much promotional pitch can make things quite irritating for the customers. It should always be remembered that purchase is always done from reliable and trustworthy place, by providing information to customers will increase the authority of the brand in the eyes of the customer. 

The best way to promote the product would be to give buyers valuable information and advices that can motivate the customer to purchase the product from you.

I hope the points above has given you all a clear picture and some very simple tricks to convert your readers into buyers.

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