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Ranking For Best Affiliate Marketing Companies - Turkey

Looking for the best affiliate marketing companies in Turkey? Below is the list of the leading affiliate marketing companies to help you find the right provider for your affiliate marketing requirements.

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method that opens up a new profitable sales channel for businesses. Unlike traditional marketing, where businesses get to track and analyze their marketing performance. And to get the best results from affiliate marketing programs, brands hire top affiliate marketing agencies in Turkey.

Hence, to help your business, we have made an affiliate marketing company list. Here the companies are ranked based on the client ratings, reviews, and profound industry research. Check out each company’s profile, specialized services, reviews, and websites in the below list. Then compare them to get the best affiliate company to promote your products and services.

Best Performers in Turkey for Affiliate Marketing in 2022

  • Rank

    1st Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 232-463-0701

  • Location

    Aksoy Residence 1476 sok. No: 2 M: 17 D: 64 Alsancak İzmir


Venus Agency is a corporate, committed, high quality professional and customer services oriented digital advertising agency which was established in Izmir in 2006. The agency is engaged in improving the business processes every day since 2006 and has established to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

With the assistance of a young and dynamic team, the agency is committed to supply hundreds of corporate clients service with latest and updated trends and technologies. We fully assure you that we are loyal to use universal project management steps that benefit you one or the other way. Our main is to achieve high customer satisfaction by using our technical knowledge and right strategies in the market.


Since 2006 we study the web and we work every day to understand the needs of ours customer. We are proud that most of them are loyal and choose to work with us year after year. We believe that the results can arise from a planned strategy in detail, that combines the experience about your sector and our knowledge of the online strategies. Let's team play and study together every next move.

  • Rank

    3rd Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) -444-7436

  • Location

    Büyükdere cad. No. 233-fold m, three-way located 34398 Steigenberger, Istanbul Maslak M Solid


Egegen Internet Services is an experienced group of team members who are dedicated to focus on the services: Corporate Identity, SEO, Google & Facebook Advertising, Digital Information Displays and Social Media. The company was initiated in 2000 with boutique services approach to make your dreams come true.

Egegen has established itself as the pearl of the Aegean in Izmir and is fully the combination of Internet and technology to make you best in the industry. For 15 years, the company has served many domestic and foreign organizations in different sectors. We welcome you and eagerly waiting to serve your dreams and thoughts with our experienced business journey all over the world.


We are a interactive agency from Turkey, 10 year experience website design and development, seo services, mobil app design.

  • Rank

    5th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 216-469-6680

  • Location

    Dap Royal Center Residence Apartment Blocks: 2 Altayçeşme - Maltepe Istanbul 34843


Nethizmet IT Solutions is Turkey's number 1 company which was awarded as the first Turkish company with a Google Adwords Qualified Company title. The company was established in the year 2000 with every sector of the distinguished and happy customers. We have a dynamic, educated and professional team in Nethizmet which takes care of all your requirements and serve with unmatched solutions.


Digital Empire SEO Agency mainly serves SEO services around Turkey's Western Mediterranean Area, especially in the main industrial cities as Izmir, Manisa, Aydin and Denizli. With the passionate team of SEOs, our agency follows the newest updates and trends in SEO world and implement best practices to our clients' websites. We have in English, Deutsche and Turkish SEO services. We have simple perspective with strong presence to SEO: Search engines want to list most accurate results to users, and Digital Empire wants to list results to most accurate users. Synergy of both results in great experience for also users and website owners. And this result makes us much more passionate about our work. Visit our website to more about us;

  • Rank

    7th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 212-282-4001

  • Location

    Mecidiyeköy Road Cad. Martyr Ahmet Sok. Mecidiyeköy Business Centre No.4 Floor 13 Mecidiyeköy / Ista...


Digitouch Media Group is a leading international company which is known to give performance based digital marketing and media services all over the world. The company was established in 2008 in Turkey to cater you with the services like On-site solutions, Digital Media Planning, Performance Network, Programmatic Digital, SEO and SEM.

At Digitouch, you are assured with all the solutions of digital media with which you get quick and effective help to achieve a good reputation in the industry. With the experts help, the company has become quite suitable in market research, media planning, advertising campaign and optimization field that maintain your business’s growth in the industry.

  • Rank

    8th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 845-643-2685

  • Location

    Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. No:98, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey


Naxtech is an internet service provider, founded in 2005 with the mission of helping businesses grow and increase profitability, via effective use of technology and internet marketing. The organization works on the belief of combination of technology and marketing, that results in outstanding and desirable achievements.

We are a team of experts who are specialized in web development, online marketing, organic search engine optimization (SEO), system integration, online payments, reservation systems, GDS representation and more. We work across different market sectors and promise to serve your business needs with honesty, practicality and straight to the point. Our priority is to give you best possible results with fully supportive  resources on eliminated costs.

  • Rank

    9th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 212-951-0069

  • Location

    Mecidiyeköy Mah. Hark Sokak No:17 D:4 Şişli


Clicksus ; 360 degree SEO Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree SEM Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree Social Media Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree Performance Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree Reputation Management Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree Native Agency which loves data and performance 360 degree Affiliate Agency which loves data and performance

  • Rank

    10th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+0090) 212-236-5494

  • Location

    composer Ahmet Cagan Sokak No: 21/1 Ortakoy Istanbul Turkey


TRIOS; is a professional and reliable solution partner of individual and institutional companies with its user-friendly special software based on unconditional customer satisfaction, web design, e-commerce project, corporate identity study, graphic design work and private web projects.Since 2002, "TRİOS Web Design & Web Software" has been producing web design and web software solutions that are tailored to the needs of individual and corporate companies, in line with technological developments, international trends and best practices. TRİOS expert team, which strengthens the knowledge and experience of the sector for 15 years with its innovative vision, offers the latest technological developments to your service by integrating the latest technological developments into your web projects.

  • Rank

    11th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+90) 506-060-4007

  • Location

    İnönü, İnönü Mh. 1407 Sk., Koray, Sitesi A Blok No: 22/A, 33130, Yenişehir/Mersin, Turkey


Our work is based on the principle of cooperation and distribution of tasks. We believe that the successful work is the work done by the expert in one field, so we have expanded our staff to include a specialized website designer, an expert PHP programmer and its working frameworks, a specialist in media and electronic marketing, Websites in search engine results.

Each time a customer contacts us we hold an immediate meeting and consider the client's requests and goals from creating the desired site or program and then give him free consultation, tips and information on how we can create the desired content, and provide a specific time frame for delivery.

  • Rank

    13th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+380) 44-360-9870

  • Location

    Ukraine, Kyiv, Bessarabska Square. 9/1, of. 1


As a full cycle web studio, we bring complex digital solutions to level up business. We are strong in e-commerce and web development and we offer just the best ideas and personal assist with projects.

  • Rank

    14th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+) 212-259-9866

  • Location

    Find Barbaros. # 71, Happy Apt # 11, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Rank

    15th Turkey

  • Contact

    (+) 212-259-4690

  • Location

    34353 Besiktas/Istanbul - Turkey

10seos has come forward to provide you with the best  affiliate marketing companies in Turkey. These companies not only serve locally but they have global influence also. They are recognized for providing excellent services to the users world wide since many years. The rankings of the the top 10 affiliate marketing firms present in the list provided by 10seos are genuine as they are the outcome of true efforts. As the number of affiliate marketing agencies is increasing day by day which overwhelms the users and they find it difficult to choose. Hence, 10seos is the platform which removes all the confusions when it is about selecting the most authentic and effective affiliate marketing company in Turkey.

All the companies present from one to ten deliver one or the other exclusive services and are already serving many renowned firms around the globe. The team of experts at 10seos do not leave even a single aspect which is involved in deciding the quality of the companies.The researchers follow a calculative method for analysing the best affiliate advertising companies and then rank them in a well categorized manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate marketing in digital marketing is a technique to promote another person’s products and services in exchange for a small fee or commission. For instance, while visiting multiple websites you might have noticed content marked as ‘sponsored post’ or ‘affiliate link’. These contents are a part of the Affiliate marketing strategy.

Yes, Affiliate marketing performed by legit affiliate marketing companies is legal.

Affiliate marketing works successfully with the efforts of the following parties:

  • The Seller

    The seller is the actual creator of the product, also called retailer, merchant, or vendor. In an affiliate marketing program, sellers can either be both individuals or large businesses having products to sell.

    These sellers need not be actively involved in the marketing, however, are the actual advertisers and earn profits from the revenue.

  • The Affiliate Marketer

    An Affiliate marketer, also known as a publisher, can be an individual or an affiliate link promotion agency that markets a seller’s products on a platform. The affiliate makes efforts to convince the audience about the seller’s products. When the audience makes a purchase of that product, the affiliate earns a commission.

    Usually, affiliates have a particular niche of the audience, to whom they market and who may be more interested to make a purchase.

  • The Consumer

    The consumer is the buyer of the product. Successful affiliate marketing takes place only when the consumer ends up buying the seller’s product using the affiliate link. When the product is purchased, the seller and the affiliate advertising agency share the profits.

For affiliate marketing, the affiliate network marketing companies in Turkey usually go through the following steps:

  • Look for an affiliate program or network.
  • Go through the program overview- the type of products or services, payment modes, and methods, as well as commissions.
  • Sign up for the program and then wait for confirmation from its end.
  • Then, create content and add relevant links provided by the program. Now whenever a user will make a purchase through this link, the affiliate marketing management companies will earn a small commission.
    Also, know that the affiliate program is usually divided into different categories so that the selection is easy. On approval, you can start promoting the affiliate links on your website, social media accounts, in newsletters, or other platforms permitting the sharing of links.
  • The affiliate network pays you when you reach a minimum payment level. Plus, the payment methods can differ with different networks, which usually are bank transfers, PayPal, and cheques.

There are 3 types of Affiliate marketing followed by the best affiliate marketing agencies in Turkey:

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing

    In this type of affiliate marketing model, the affiliate has no interest in the product or service he is promoting. He neither has any required skills or experience, nor does he claim about the product’s use. Hence, due to less to zero interest in the product and customer, the affiliate does not make any recommendations.

  • Related Affiliate Marketing

    This type of affiliate marketing involves some sort of connection of the affiliate link promotion agency in the promotion. This connection is actually between the product and the niche of the affiliate. Hence, the affiliate has sufficient expertise, influence, and authority to generate traffic for the product as a trusted source. However, he does not claim about the product’s use.

  • Involved Affiliate Marketing

    As the name suggests, in this type, the affiliate is fully involved with the promotion. Since he has used the product, he is 100% sure to recommend it to his audience. The affiliate’s experience works as an advertisement and an authorized reference of information. However, if the product stands unsuccessful, he would also have to bear the drawbacks of recommending it.

There are 7 types of affiliate marketing channels, as follows:

  • Influencer Marketing

    With the growing popularity of social media platforms, the vogue of influencers is also growing. Amazing quality to create highly engaging content and communicate with the audience has made several commoners the influencers of today. And that’s what makes them the best affiliate marketers.

    Influencers not only get paid by brands to promote products and services but also share affiliate links with their audience in exchange for good commissions. The platforms can be Youtube channels, Instagram profiles, websites, etc.

    For example, for affiliate marketing, an influencer does the following on their Instagram profile:

    • Tag the brand whose product he is promoting.
    • Put up links on the bio.
    • Create IGTV videos and Instagram Stories to talk about the product.
    • Add unboxing videos.
    • Show product comparisons and other guides to acquaint the audience with the product features.
    • Include a good Call To Action, stimulating the audience’s interest to click.
  • Blogging

    Bloggers who want to cash their content usually opt for affiliate marketing. This way bloggers with niches can promote products and services of their interest to their niche audience. This kind of affiliate marketing is beneficial for niche businesses.

    To perform affiliate marketing, bloggers include affiliate links in their blog content or put banners, small videos, and pop-ups. They even share useful links via their newsletters and on their social media profiles, so that can be of some value to their subscribers.

  • Referral Links

    Next, come the referral links. These links are the personalized links that you get access to when you sign up for an affiliate program. When the audience clicks on these personalized links on your blog, social media, or newsletter, and makes purchases, you get a commission.

    One can use referral links in blog posts, tutorials, reviews, selective forums, banners, videos, and resource pages. What’s necessary is that the content should be relevant, visible, and useful to the audience. The best affiliate marketing companies in Turkey have the expertise to play smart with content.

  • Mini Sites

    Mini-sites are different from primary websites. They are often created to target a particular audience and sometimes promote specific products and services. Hence they can have their own domain or be a sub-domain of the prime website.

    Usually, brands use them for specific objectives in addition to marketing practices. These can be highlighting events, products, content, campaigns, etc.

  • Social Media Platforms

    Another way to use affiliate marketing is by advertising on social media websites. This kind of link sharing is adequate for affiliates with a large audience or niche products. Make sure you comply with the different guidelines for ads associated with different platforms.

    For example, on Facebook, affiliate links can be shared as Facebook ads, on personal pages, groups, communities, and promotion posts.

  • Email Lists

    Email lists are created by marketers to share affiliated links with their audience. Services like MailChimp, provide setting up email lists to its registered users. Marketers send newsletters with affiliate links to these lists of emails.

    Whenever the subscriber clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the email marketer earns a commission. This technique is very effective when marketers have an existing email list of valuable audiences.

  • Create Videos

    Videos are adored by a number of people. This is why YouTube has millions of active users. These videos are both easy to create, and easy to understand. Moreover, these videos can be easily shared on social media platforms.

    What vloggers/marketers do is create videos containing affiliate products, such as demonstrations, how-to, unboxing, etc. And then they add the affiliate link in the description and bio.

The largest affiliate marketing companies track affiliate marketing success by tracking metrics. These metrics help them know the number of times people have clicked the links, made a purchase, and other analytics. The metrics are as follows:

  • Click-Through Rate or CTR
  • Ad Spend
  • Return On Investment or ROI
  • Conversion Rates
  • Net Sales Of The Month
  • Entire Revenue

You can fetch these metrics from the dashboard of the affiliate program. Alternatively, if you are using ad programs by Google, Facebook, etc. you can check their dashboards to track performance. Or, you can use other affiliate marketing tools to collect analytics, as many top affiliate marketing companies in Turkey do.

An affiliate marketer or affiliate network marketing companies get paid when a sale or conversion takes place. The following methods can be used to pay marketers in Affiliate marketing.

  • PPA or Pay Per Action

    Here, the seller pays the affiliate for each sale that occurred as a result of the affiliate marketing. This paid amount is the percentage of the product’s sale price.

  • PPL or Pay Per Lead

    Here affiliates are paid for each generated lead that fulfills the criteria set by the seller. These criteria can either be filling up a contact form, signing up for a product trial, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading a file.

  • PPC or Pay Per Click

    Here affiliates get paid for each click that the consumer makes to get redirected from the marketing platform to the seller’s website.

Although affiliate marketing is a mutually profitable partnership between sellers and affiliate network marketing companies, it carries both advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at both of them:

  • Advantages

    • Sellers get a wider platform to sell their products and services.
    • They get greater sales and customers without having to make extra efforts in searching for them.
    • They get to track their sale statistics from affiliate sites. This way they are able to get reliable client behavior trends and demands at no additional cost.
    • Affiliate marketing companies do not have to make any large-scale investment while entering into an affiliate program.
    • Affiliates do not have to worry about customer support, as it is the seller’s job to handle.
    • Lastly, it becomes easy for the consumer to get the best-recommended products on the internet. So they do not have to wander around at retail units.
  • Disadvantages

    • Some sellers may have to incur high commission and maintenance costs as a result of pricey affiliate providers.
    • Some unethical affiliate marketing firms can mislead consumers by advertising worthless products in the lure of good commissions.
    • Immoral sellers can terminate the affiliate programs without informing affiliates.
    • They can even agree to pay high commissions to attract new affiliates and then unfairly reduce them within a week or two.
    • Hackers can also hack the affiliate links and get paid for the commissions.
    • Affiliate marketing is also prone to suffer from fake advertising, and illegal use of brand names and logos.

Affiliate marketing is a successful marketing strategy. However, like any other business, it may also face challenges. Hence, to defend against such challenges, legit affiliate marketing companies refrain from the following mistakes:

  • Developing An Inferior Quality Content

    Creating low-quality content can in the first place damage the reputation of a blog or platform. Google’s algorithm now prioritizes the content quality rather than the keywords.

  • Overlooking Relationship Building

    Often affiliates begin focussing on a direct sales approach and distract from their actual objectives of building relationships with the audience. This is a common mistake an affiliate makes. They must understand that once a trustful relationship is built, audiences are more likely to accept recommendations. A professional company providing affiliate marketing consultancy in Turkey refrains from such practices.

  • Not Verifying Legitimacy Of Products

    Some affiliates recommend products in the lure of commissions and without checking their authenticity. This way they end up suggesting worthless products and weaken the audience’s trust. Hence, affiliates must choose products carefully and only after learning about their reviews.

  • Being Dishonest With Consumers

    Some affiliate marketing agencies tend to misguide their audience about certain products for the sake of high commissions. This dishonest technique may get them good CTRs but will lower their repute.

There could be a number of reasons why companies choose to become affiliate marketing companies. The most common reasons are:

  • Performance-Based Rewards

    Since Affiliate marketing is performance-based, affiliate marketing agencies can earn rewards by yielding an extraordinary performance. They just have to have the skills to create engaging content that can convert the audience into buyers.

  • No Customer Support

    While sellers have to constantly communicate with their customers to make sure they are satisfied with the purchased product, affiliates don’t have to do so. Even the world's best affiliate marketing company would just connect the seller and consumers and get paid post-purchase.

  • Pocket-Friendly

    Unlike businesses that require an immense startup fee, affiliate marketing does not come with these hassles. In other words, affiliate marketing management companies do not have to worry much about affiliate program fees. Moreover, they do not have to create an actual product to sell.

There are a number of companies that are effectively practicing affiliate marketing. Some of the biggest affiliate marketing companies are:

With the rise in the number of affiliate marketing companies in Turkey, the difficulty to choose the best among them has also increased. In such a scenario, businesses look for platforms that can provide them with the best options to choose from. is among such leading platforms.

10seos, being a renowned reviewing agency, lists the best affiliate marketing agencies in Turkey. These companies are the world’s most excelling service providers delivering superior services to businesses both locally and globally. These top affiliate marketing firms are ranked based on client ratings and reviews and profound industry research.

Our team of experts at 10seos strive their best to find and evaluate the best affiliate marketing agencies. Our researchers follow a calculative method to analyze the proficiency of an affiliate advertising company. And then they organize the best out of them in a ranked order.

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