Using Instagram as Your Beauty Brand


Using Instagram as Your Beauty Brand

Convincing is not needed when one says that it is worth investing in social media. Even in the light of recent data breach at Facebook, we are so reliant on social profiles that leaving them does not seem like an option. In fact, there are numerous surveys show the same- of people having no intention of actually leaving their social media profiles. 

Humans are social creatures. It is sensible for us to love being on social networking sites afterall we are creatures that crave interaction with fellow humans. Seo service India confirm that it is also true that the recommendation of friends and family influence our purchasing decisions. Questions like “what coffee shop do you like to go to?” “which mascara is that?” “what are you reading right now?” “where did you get that tie?” these are the questions that people are curious about when they are on social media. 

If you are someone who is not pursuing a social strategy even though you have a product to sell, you are definitely making a mistake. It is unbelievable that it is 2018 already and people still have to be convinced to use social networks to promote their brand. However, today we are going to focus on organic usage i.e. free, not advertised post on Instagram. There might be some who might ask- why Instagram? It is because a whopping 35% of US adults use Instagram. This is a considerable amount of growth in comparison with any other social media platform. One thing that you should know is that Facebook still wants to prioritize family, friends, and groups. On the other hand, it is easier for brands to be featured on Instagram. This is because Instagram is really changing up its game by updating the algorithm as time changes. 

The next question that comes in the mind of a person is- should every brand have an Instagram? Sure, but you have to notice that the word that is being used currently is a brand and not company. This is because companies only provide a service or sell a product. Brands, on the other hand, provide customers with a unique identity. The best companies out there are brands because they have consumers which align themselves with the identity of the company. 

They become loyal to the brand and sometimes use it to reflect their personality. This is the answer to your question- no, not every company should invest on Instagram, it does not make much sense to invest time and energy into building a presence on the platform if you are not a brand. 

It is a platform for celebrities, for you to show off an enviable trip you have, for the kind of fashion your wear. Memes, art, beauty brands- that is what your brand is for. Why? Because obviously Instagram is meant to be for sharing pretty photos. 

Seo services in Delhi say that there is no doubt that if you are a beauty brand you should have an active account. The inbuilt features to organically promote posts, engage customers, and selling products with actual links to the products is something that you should definitely undertake.

So if you are going to use Instagram, do it right- make it work. 

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