What Are The Best Tools For Automating Your Seo?


What Are The Best Tools For Automating Your Seo?

If you have been in the SEO for ages, you need to know that earning your website a place in a search engine. Not only does it need careful planning and executing strategy, webmasters should lookout for changes into algorithm and other  tweaks.

It is a fact that SEO requires dedication but it does not mean you can’t use tools and softwares to simplify process. This is especially applicable for larger websites.

Experts in SEO services nashville highlights that SEO automation means making search engine optimization process fully automatic with the use of tools,software and other programs. The entire process of SEO is too much complicated for all it to be automated, however, certain aspects of SEO can definitely automated. This automation can bring creativity and administrative work for SEO.

The key is to understand what to get automated and what can’t be automated. For example, such as site monitoring and data collection can be easily automated. Process like content creation and organic link building cannot be automated because not only it can generate low quality content and also you can be penalized for building spammy links.

The best way is to find the combination of tool and softwares that helps you get the job done in minimum time.

If you are thinking about automating the SEO, here are some tools that can help you in specific area.

  • SEMrush for advanced keyword research and tracking

Keyword research is the base for every SEO programme. The goal is to make the audience find the content in the search results. SEMrush is one tool that save you a lot of time and efforts in keyword searches.

Professional experts in SEO company New York, recommends that semrush can identify competitor’s best keyword, analyse the position of the domain and cover all the long tail keyword on the websites and the PPC campaigns, in short a wholesome research tool.

Combining the keyword magic tool and keyword analyzer allows to carry out keyword research faster than you would with a combination of tool. You can find the thousands of keywords and also discover long tail keywords without dealing with multiple spreadsheet.

Using the keyword magic tool, one can select a combination of phrases and the tool will be able to suggest long tail combination with the exact phase people search for.

In case of working with clients, SEMrush report builders is really handy for creating custom reports. All you can do is select the widget relevant to the report and customize it accordingly.

  • Cyfe for all in one monitoring

One of the problem with SEO there are so many information to track. From analytics, to monitoring and catching with advertising campaign, there are lots of logging in and out from dashboard.

There is where Cyfe come into the view. Cyfe is all in one business dashboard that keep track of important marketing metrics including SEO and SEM metrics. This tool can drag the ability to pull data from several sources from dashboard. It has pre built widget allow for easy monitoring of any metric that you can track.

Adding a widget from google search console, you can receive update on your site performance in google search. Website owners can also monitor the site’s performance across different searches.

  • Screaming frog SEO spider for site crawls and audits

The main point in SEO understanding is to identify the fault and solve the problem to boost performance in search. This means that one needs an excellent site audit process and which can be repeated again again. This is the reason by screaming frog SEO spider is a great choice.

Screaming frog is a web crawling tool which checks for broken links, audits redirect, analyses page titles, meta data, duplicate content etc. It also helps in generating XML sitemap and integrate with Google analytics and one can set up for regularly scheduled crawls.

Doing these activity manually, it can be really tedious especially for larger website, screaming frog saves a lot of time.

  • Ahrefs for backlinks analysis

To get the best SEO efforts is to get backlinks from reputable websites. Ahrefs is one tool that can keep an eye on all the SEO efforts which are paying off. This tool can create crawl 6 billion web pages daily and crawl trillions of URLs making it perfect for backlink profile analysis.

With Ahrefs, you can automatically set the tool to monitor how well you are ranking on searches. One can also get alert for new keywords, new/lost backlinks and brand mention. This tool helps in keeping an eye on the competition and can also identify content attracting with backlinks in your niche industry.


Seo is a complex process, there is no way it can be automated completely. What can be done is having excellent tools which can make the job much easier and faster. The tools mentioned above can help you make your SEO better for the website and get the ranking done.

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