Top Email Marketing Trends in 2017


Top Email Marketing Trends in 2017

Email marketing is a boon for marketers. It is timely,targeted, measurable and valuable giving high return on investments. Email marketing is still the most popular marketing tool available for getting leads, increasing reach among potential customers and increasing sales profit.

Like other forms of online marketing , email marketing is also upgrading and changing itself so that marketers and the customers do not get monotonous. No longer people anticipate of emails getting out of the business, in fact email marketing is getting bigger and better.

Let’s focus on some of the Top Email Marketing Trends in 2017

  • Mobile friendly

Seo services company predicts that this year it would be beneficial to update the email marketing strategy that is mobile friendly. The proportion of mobile users is increasing on a daily basis, which means that maximum people regardless of their demographics login in to emails via mobiles. Email marketers have to be careful while formulating the emails in a way that it is optimized for all kind of mobile devices.

  • Dynamic automation

In 2017 multi channel automation can evolve which can increase the lead generation and conversion of customers. With dynamic automation other marketing channels like social media and SMS can be seamlessly incorporated in email marketing to get a comprehensive data and analyse the customer's journey better.

  • Data driven campaign

Email marketers are getting smarter with each new introduction of testing tools. Emails marketing will now be driven by data science and analysis results of the campaign. Marketers will gauge the user's behaviour to profile their subscriber.

  • Email content optimization

Since the demand for responsive emails are rising, the need for emails content optimization is also increasing. In emails we use text and small images but with growing demand designers and developers may come out with technology to optimize other content like videos in smaller size to fit in emails.

  • Beyond open rates and click through rate

Best seo company in boston predicts that there is possibility for new tools to surface for measuring the user behaviour and success rate of email campaign other than open rates and click through. Marketers are expecting tool that can not only measure the ROI generated but also determine the cause of success or failure of the campaign.

  • Online shopping from emails

Marketers expects that the online shopping and email marketing can merge, it can become possible to pay through the inbox of the email for any purchase done online. Payment gateways like paypal will give this opportunity to its subscribers to directly pay from their inbox on just a click. This would take the customers to their account , where they can do the transaction for the product or services.

  • More tools

With growing technology, email marketers are expecting new tools to make their marketing strategy more personalized. Tools for design analysis, user behaviour analysis and many more can be expected this year.

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Top Email Marketing Trends in 2017

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