How Email Marketing can Drive Response through Creativity?


How Email Marketing can Drive Response through Creativity?

Email marketing is consider as an effective type of consumer interaction with brands, since time. According to the top 10 email marketing services, email generate more than 25% of a brand’s recognition, and around 30% more revenue for their businesses.  Email marketers use innovative and different kinds of media to engage their subscribers. In this context, Live or adaptive content as well as animated GIFs and videos have proven results in driving responses. Using animation in email allows up to more than 26% more engagement of subscribers. Innovative and improved methods of by the use of such live, adaptive content as well as animation along with personalization has enhanced the effectiveness of email marketing practices. 

One of the most useful strategy to enhance the effectiveness in the email marketing is to use the GIFs within emails. Since many email marketing agencies have accepted the fact that, GIFs are the most eye catching media and more than this, GIFs also plays an important role in creating an emotional connection with other consumers. GIFs can easily draws attention of the email and can also bring products to life by showing your products in motion.

Email marketers are enhancing their creativity of their emails by using animation, adaptive, live content, and interactive ways.

First Email was sent in the year 1971 and back then, after 45 years email has become the most effective way of carrying marketing. It has provides marketers with the mechanism to connect with their subscribers in a more personal way, and provides an ease to share their story and allows them to make a more personal bond with them.

In this digital world, where each company is using email marketing, it is relatively high for businesses especially small business to successfully carrying out their business. Here we are providing you with few killer tactics to make use of these email marketing to the fullest to achieve success.

#Strategy 1:

Use subject lines to invoke emotional connection:

Use innovative tag lines or so called subject lines to stimulate emotional connections and improved personalize emails with your subscribers. It allows you to enhance the effectiveness of Brand recognitions and also provides business equity with an increases as the amount of emotional connections among a consumer as well as a brand revenue. Subject lines also tends to invoke emotion and feeling to a great extent among the readers and hence naturally builds a connection. Such type of emotional content also lead to a rapid amount of rise in click-through rates as people will likely to make a purchase on an sentiments and justify the decision later.

#Strategy 2: 

Make the best of pre-header text:

Make the most effective use of your pre-header text in an optimum way. A recent study best email marketing service provider showed that more than 56 percent of an opened emails were generally tend to open on mobile devices, that is, usually people are more likely to open their emails through their mobile phones instead of opening it by using computer desktop or laptop; this clearly demonstrates that how significant pre-headers are for response rates and how much importance they hold to increase the response rate to a great extent. An effective pre-header text generally supports a subject line and allows people with a huge reason to open their email in their inbox. To drive responses  by the means of open rates, try to maximize them with an offer, customization, or urgency by giving them with time limit, for example, you can include in your email that “Hury up! offer will end soon at midnight”, and so on.

#Strategy 3: 

Make the best of your Design for preview pane:

Make an optimum use of your designs for the purpose of preview pane. When you tend to make an effective use of design in your emails and you can assure that emails are optimised for preview pane, which allows you to make sure that your key message and call-to-action are clearly able to seen to your subscriber, no matter which device they are trying to open it. 

#Strategy 4: 

Include Live content in your Email:

To enhance the creativity in your email, do not forget to include live content or adaptive content which are often known as time of open content. Try to make a personalised experience which you can offer to your readers depending upon time, location, weather and device and also about the behavior of your readers when your email is being opened. This can assist you to drive a response from them and engagement of your reader and usually leads to approximately 15-35 percent increment in response rates.

#Strategy Tip 5:

Incorporate animation in your email such as GIFs: 

Incorporating animated videos especially GIFs and images in your email provides you a great way to capture the attention of your reader to a great extent. In fact, animation like GIFs in emails can allow you to increase click-through rates around more than 40%.

Email offers you with an effective and powerful tools which can help you to drive responses from subscribers with a greater ease. These are some of the strategies which could help you to increase the click-through rates of email, and leverage reader to open them. 

What are the key strategies which you follow to drive response? Don’t forget to mention them in the comment box below.

We will be back soon with lots of excited strategies. Till then stay tuned and keep mailing!

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