SEO Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages


SEO Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages

In today’s time, the website owners have realised that for running a good business online they need to have a fully optimized website. SEO forms the success layout for any of the business present in the online marketplace. Now the question is how to achieve this kind of optimization that can gain you such results? Well there are many top SEO companies in USA which can provide you this service, but the problem with such companies is that you need to have a good initial budget for it. So, the small business holders are out of the game straight away because they cannot afford to have these kind of expenses. Although starting a new optimized website can be a financial burden, but nowadays companies are following a new trend to achieve optimization within their financial limits i.e. SEO outsourcing.

 What is SEO Outsourcing ?

Outsourcing basically means when a company decides to take the services of other company in completing any specific task. It is basically done to reduce the company's cost and have the economic benefits. Now SEO outsourcing can be termed an the process when any new business venture decides to take the help of other service providers for their Search Engine Optimization services(on-page and off-page both). Taking this route to achieve optimization not only saves time but also saves money. However, doing outsourcing for SEO can have both its advantages and disadvantages, let’s have a look at them:

Advantages of SEO Outsourcing

  • Cost Efficient: Well, if we talk about outsourcing the work on internet it would be a little different than traditional outsourcing. The offshore outsourcing has made it even a better option because, offshore outsourcing is more cheaper as the developing countries like India, Philippines etc. provide highly efficient services at lower rates rather than any domestic service provider. The importance of SEO for upcoming organisations cannot be emphasised more, and no matter what doing outsourcing for SEO will surely save your money.
  • Expertize: Many website owners try to achieve the SEO by themselves which is one big mistake. SEO is an ever changing game and one has to be very updated with the changing trends of the online searching trends. But if someone decides to do it by their own without acquiring full knowledge, they will fall into the pit and won’t be able to recover soon. Doing it by themselves means they have to give that much time and efforts for this they might need a whole different team, this will make it a costly affair. On the other hand, the SEO service providers will provide you best global SEO services with expertise and proper guidance.

  • Provides a long term solution: The site cannot get optimized at once, SEO is an ongoing process and needs a long term maintenance. So, again in-house SEO will lead to money problems. Therefore, for a long term solution, hiring any foreign service provider will be of great benefit.

Disadvantages of SEO Outsourcing

  • Uncertainties Regarding the Company: Hiring any offshore or foreign company can be a risky deal until and unless you havn’t done any business with them before. It’s like buying a cat in the bag, you never know how it’s going to be. Moreover, two companies with same offers can give different results. So, the bottom line is that we cannot judge until and unless we  start working with anyone of them.

  • Cultural Barriers: However, Globalization and Internet has made it very easy to work across the boundaries of any particular area. This has no doubt increased the working opportunity all over the internet. But many a times the cultural barriers might affect this working, difference in festivals and holidays may cause a bit delay in work from either sides.

  • Use of Black Hat SEO:  Sometimes, the company providing the services might try too hard to impress the outsourced company by using Black Hat SEO i.e. by gaining them paid links or by doing scramming etc. This might show good results to the clients at very short notice but in a long term it is going to harm the outsourced company. So, this can turn out to be even more dangerous than lack of efficiency in SEO.

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