How To Improve the Opening Rate Of the Marketing Emails?



How To Improve the Opening Rate Of the Marketing Emails?

Email marketing is one of the most important result oriented tool of digital marketing. Email marketing involves the engagement of the customers that can create a long term ROI. As stated by consultants from seo company in san francisco, a stronger email list would mean a more engaged customers and more probability of opening the email for taking desired action.

It is not easy to reach to that level of engagement. To built from initial level it is important that people should open the emails.

 So what should be done?

The first things that catches the attention is the subject of the email. For increasing the opening rate of the emails, it is mandatory to have a creative subject that can pull the attention.

Below mentioned are certain points to remember that can be used to increase the opening rate.


The subject line is like a face of the email and hence it should be made beautiful and attractive to compel the receiver to open it. Using visual elements like emojis and symbol can enhance the open rate but the usage should be made in a desired way like

  • Visual content used should go according to the content of the email

  • Use them sparingly

This is an example that can be taken for the point mentioned above


Using numbers in the subject line create a sense of emergency in the mind of the readers which triggers in opening the email. Number should be used wisely to promote your offer and compel the subscriber to open the mail.

This is an example for the above statements.


Emails that are directly addressed to recipient have the probability of getting opened. Using the name of the recipient in the initial part of the email and addressing the recipient in the body of the email will set stronger connection. This act would show the focus and familiarity of the recipient to the brand which can later increase the probability of opening the email in future as well.


Company providing seo services in new york also identify the fact that emails containing contents that are informative, valuable and engaging will tend to have high opening rate because that would add the knowledge of the recipient. While emails that are entirely promotion based or have content that are repetitive and boring would not grab the attention and may reach to trash also. It is better to send high quality emails less frequently rather doing the opposite.


It is obvious that emails that are coming on the behalf of the company is entirely advertisement based. These emails are likely to get fewer attention as compared to emails that are sent by individuals on the behalf of the company.


Email filters are getting updated and more sophisticated these days. Any email that reach spam folder is already gone from the eyes of the recipient and the chances of opening would also decrease to negligible. To avoid getting in spam the subject line of the email should be constructed in a way that email should not appear to be spam from the subject line itself. For example using words such as “sale”,”free”, “rich” or the text in all caps should be avoided totally.


It is helpful to segment the email list for keeping the relevance of the content for the recipient. The segmentation can be based on industry, time or purchasing power. Segmented email lists helps to sent email that are highly focused and content oriented best suited for the group.


Startup companies usually buy leads to kick start their marketing but the result seems to be inefficient. Buying lead would not help until the people in the list are interested in the industry and have a reason to open the email. It is better to earn email addresses organically.

Unlike any other marketing technique, email marketing also require constant optimization to increase the customer's engagement with the brand. The tips mentioned above will hopefully spread the reach of the brand to as many people as possible.

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