How Content Marketing Plan Can Be Made Keeping Customers In Mind?


How Content Marketing Plan Can Be Made Keeping Customers In Mind?

Content marketing is the need of the hour. Every marketer in present world is inclined towards content marketing due to its amazing result. Since, every second person is doing content marketing the competition level has increased phenomenally over the years.

Apart from being highly competitive, content marketing is also very tricky. It requires continuous updation attracting customers by producing content that customers like. Experts from SEO company Las Vegas suggests that if marketers wants to strengthen their position in searches focus on creating content that customers expect. Content created according to customers helps in establishing a relationship with the audience and give them a value. It establishes a long term benefit by establishing the authority of the brand.

Let us discuss some tips to create content that focus on customers

  1. Your objective of the content should be crystal clear

 The first and the foremost thing about generating content is making the objective of the content always clear. A content without objective would be an entirely aimless and would not benefit any of the person even if it drive traffic.

It is highly important to identify what do you want to achieve from your content. What can be your strategy for achieving the objective and many other things. The first step that experts from Los Angeles SEO company suggest is carrying out keyword research. This process will help in identifying what the customers expect from your content,what they are looking for, What all solution they need, how your content can answer their issues etc.

Simply looking at the keyword list will not help. Marketers will have to organize the keyword to implement in content strategy

  • Group keywords based on relevance

Grouping keyword can help in understanding the niche market and target one page for whole keyword group rather doing it for individual. Keywords clustering or grouping is an effective solution for targeting right keywords for customers. Tools such as serpstat can help in analysing the number of URLs that overlap for various search queries, thus, it becomes easy to find related phrases.

  • Understand the intent for each keyword group

Keywords intent is the users intention towards searching for a particular keyword. It helps in serving the audiences need better and get better conversion. If you want to create a keyword group based on the customers intent, you can do in following categories:

  1. Commercial: These customers are already in an intent to buy your service

  2. Transitional: These people are likely in their search phase but have the intention to buy the product or service in sometime. If you provide actionable content they may end up buying. Product reviews and gift ideas are perfect content assets for the group.

  3. Navigational: keywords that content the brand name is used. Marketers will have to make sure that the brand rank 1 on these keywords. The second approach should be to use the keyword to understand the problem better with the site or the product.

  4. Informational: These people are searching for information only. The best conversion metrics at this stage should be a content which is inviting the customers to subscribe.

  • Label the seasonal content

Always publish your content when your audience needs it. If you have content that can solve any seasonal problem or catch any seasonal interest peak then make sure to post it on that particular season only.

2. Move to the source

For effective content marketing it is highly important to understand what kind of content is important for your customers. Most marketers went on a great length for producing content that they feel their customers would need rather taking a real time status of the targeted customers itself.

If you want to go by expert opinion, look into the customers feedback surveys. Marketers will have to use small information gathering tool because if the tool is too long, or complex, it can easily annoy the customers. You can easily use some survey polling plugins that can be easily integrated in your blog. You can use it to gain insight from customers regarding their view.

3. Map out the journey of the customers

The process of a customer acquinting with a brand goes through a series of process. Beginning from lead for the brand till the after experience about the brand. By the time a customer cross through these phase, there is a long way that customers have come across.

Having the clear view of the customer’s journey stages is ideal for marketers. You can create content for different stages right from the beginning stage of landing on the website till social reviews at the end.

  • Find brand specific keywords

Understanding how customers searches for your brand can provide a really powerful insight against the inclination of the customers. Analyse what they think about your brand, it is too expensive or is there a way to alternatively reach to them.

  •  Keep a keen eye on social media reputation

Make sure to monitor what your people discuss about your brand on social media. This kind of discussion on social media should be seen in the perspective of engagement and customer services. Solve any of the problem or query that the customers discuss on social media platform. Schedule your social media updates after analysing the customers behaviour on social media.

  • Record the interaction between client and your sale team

If you do not own a customer relation team then definitely have one. This interaction within your sales team and the client can provide a great insight about what customers faced while buying your product or what they felt after using the product. Encourage your team member to record customer journey.


Your content should always focus your customer and their engagement level. Making the content marketing system customers centric is the best way one can improve the result and create conversion.

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