How And Why Durable Urls For SEO Is Needed And How To Make A Use Of These?


How And Why Durable Urls For SEO Is Needed And How To Make A Use Of These?

URLs are the basic infrastructure of a website. Sometimes creating an amazing content which is capable to bring high search ranking does not perform well due to the volume and quality of positive signals from URLs which makes the content findable.

Durable URLs are useful in accumulating links and other positive signals over a duration of time while releasing fresh content and maintaining the SERP position for keywords. This post is dedicated to explain the importance of using durable URLs for long term SEO success.

Let us begin with our discussion in detail:

What Is Durable Urls?

Professionals from SEO consulting services views durable URLs which is stable and can be easily updated with fresh content in future while continuing to rank for original keywords targeted.

A durable URLs not necessarily have to be already updated for being considered as durable URL. There are many URLs which are updated but they cannot be considered as durable URLs. This is the simplest way to think about URLs while they are created which enhances the possibility of success in future by accumulating signals like inbound links.

Let us taken an example for better understanding

For example, if we search IT conferences on Google search. This kind of searches require fresh content from users because people searching for such queries are in need of latest information conference, either to attend or mimic in their conference.

The content needed for such queries are needs regular updation and throughout the year with links to notes from conference, links to live streams as they are announced. The content in durable URLs becomes a living document rather being static.

A durable URL, in particularly the portion called as resource name or slug should not contain:

  • Dates

  • Opinion

  • Adjectives

  • Author names

  • Information about the post itself

A durable URL s should be simple and cleanly match the core of the targeted search terms. It is beyond mentioning that the URL should not be in any way cluttered. It should short and readable.

Disposal Vs Durable Urls: How To Decide On Which One To Choose

 there are certain content and keywords which needs a durable URLs and in contrast to that, there are many who need a disposable URL.

Let us discuss some general rule of thumb as to when a durable URL and disposable URL should be used:

Type of content which get benefitted from durable URL are:

  • SEO consultant from best SEO company in Austin suggest that critical content such as product page, category page and other pages which are targeting important short tailed keywords need durable URL.

  • Content which get affected by the change in time such as annual report, annual conference listing, trends, industry reports etc.

  • Certain topics which changes website point of view, however, the core remains the same.

  • Content that has to be updated on a regular basis as of when new information is available

  • Content which target keywords which changes the context of content with passing time.

  • Evergreen content which focuses on short targeted keywords

  • Content which target high search volume keywords.

Types of content which gets benefited by disposable URL

  • Content which are about certain content or states of affair that exist for a moment of time. These can be used as reference for future.

  • Content which depicts very specific point of view

  • Content which author does not want to get it updated for future.

  • Low or no content or expected search volume for targeted keywords

  • Content which typically target long tailed keywords

Is redirect of any use?

It is a proven fact that redirect passes the ranking signal from A to B, however, there is a doubt in keeping URLs in original position while conserving accumulated ranking signals than redirected URLs. Apart from it managing massive redirect list for many years can be really problematic.

Redirects are highly essential but they cannot make replace a strong initial URL which can bear the  lot of issues right from time changes to major context changes, author changes, adding more content and many more!


Evergreen URLs are always a better option as compared to evergreen content. The content of a URL may changes but what remain stable is the URL and the basic idea of the topic. There is a clear distinction between content and URL and understanding along with utilizing this difference help websites launch fresh content and pre existing ranking, social signals etc.

You can always have the privilege to change your meta description, title tags, images, body etc, however, you can only pick original URL once. Thus, it is highly important to make care before making any decision.

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