Driving People To Your Site: How Site Architecture And Search Strategy Can Be In Sync?


Driving People To Your Site: How Site Architecture And Search Strategy Can Be In Sync?

Most of the time we see that organic search optimization is a layer that is after the site structure is discovered. After the brand team, product owner, tech team decided on what site structure would be then organic search engine optimization is identified.

Now what if we tell you that keeping search drive as primary drive in site architecture can help you score 200+ performance gain for your organic channel.

Here we list top 5 benefit of architecture driven by organic searches indicated by professional New York SEO experts.

  1. It should match google relevance signal and audience segmentation and users demand.
  2. Categorizing the thematic and topical content silos
  3. Defined taxonomy and targeted URL naming scheme
  4. It gives the ability to scale content as you move ahead the funnel
  5. A logical user experience that google and audience both can understand.

When the site architecture is typically aligned with the site architecture, one can get important relevance signal that google can understand for your website. The site structure helps in positioning the website to acquire volume and market share that can otherwise be lost. In addition to these benefits, you will get the organic site link within Google and also get featured in answer box and local map pack acquisition.

If you want your Google to understand what your website is about and how it is put together, then make sure to communicate it properly which stands to be the first proper step for site architecture.

This above example shows, the relevancy of the above two category level i.e business plan template and how to write a business plan. Both of these have relevance that rolls up to the term of business plans.

Through proper keyword targeting and research you would locate the primary keyword drive that matches with the page intent and high volume for the URL naming conversion. This give understanding to google what the page is all about and match customers demand from a search perspective.

How user experience can play a role in architecture?

Ux typically wants minimalistic content, limited navigation option and controlled user experience. Experts in SEO services in orlando suggest that website owners should always keep in mind that ux journey is always considered from one point,typically from home page. When search is done properly, every page becomes point for entry.

The best thing is pure architecture and URL naming scheme is different from UX. UX typically limits the choice and have control over the journey. This means that navigation is reduced and not every architectural level are available and visible.

A rule of thumb that experts from the site structure domain emphasize is to make sure that every page should stand by its own. A user should never go back in order to move forward. Thus always make navigation and categorial page are available for every page. This is especially needed for organic searches, a users will enter the site and the journey at each level.

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