Common Myths About SEO


Common Myths About SEO

So many search engines, lots of social media platforms,, effective content writing, and useful Pay-per-Click techniques are few of the tested and tried ways to increase the traffic of your website. But somewhere, SEO has lost! 

Though SEO does not offer the immediate results, still it is one of the most effective strategy to follow up. Today, there are people believe about so many myths about SEO which are needed to be debunked. Let's see:

SEO is old and doesn't work

According to the studies, more than 44% of the people uses search engine before making any purchase. In fact, search is among fourth of the most common activity happens on Internet, after social media, videos and emails. 

The research also reveals that many of the marketers accepted the fact lead generation influence a lot by SEO practises, still people has so many misconceptions about the search engine optimization campaign. In fact, users are more likely to ignore the paid ad listing as well as organic results.

SEO involves high cost

While including the SEO practices for your website, you think you will have to pay by hiring an SEO expert and physical execution costs expensive.

Well of course you need to carry out so many tasks, such as:

  1. Researching about the sales and marketing trends 

  2. Carrying out the research about competitors

  3. Searching for the relevant keywords to bring more traffic

  4. Optimizing the website

  5. Link building

  6. Analysing and tracking the results

Yet, these tasks take time and efforts, but actually, there are no SEO without these aspects. Well, SEO will involve some cost every month, but while paying, always keep in mind that SEO will result after a sufficient time, or may be when you completed the project with that person.

SEO takes long time; PPC is fast

Of course it is true to some extent, that PPC brings instant result, in fact, you will begin to receive visitors on your site as soon as you begin with your PPC campaign. While SEO will require to build the authority of your site before offering the results. 

However, there is no such comparison to determined which is best, Pay per click or Search Engine Optimization, but here’s few of the facts to help you deciding which will work best for you:

  • PPC needs to invest more money, this implies that, you will have to pay whenever any single user click on your ad.

  • The cost for each click will begin to increase each time. This is what the rule of bidding system is. If you want to continue the make your ads visible on the search engines, you have to outbidding your competitors. 

On  the other hand, SEO may take some amount of time, but will provide guaranteed result, even without increasing the cost. SEO take time, but once implemented carefully and successfully, it keep producing result, and that too for free of cost.

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