Blog or Vlog, Which One is Better


Blog or Vlog, Which One is Better

In this article, we will be discussing the key differences between blog or vlog. So which one is better? To know the answer, proceed to read the article further.

In a blog or vlog, the main difference between the blog and the vlog is that the blog holds the written content, whereas the vlog contains the video content. Blog or vlogs are ways of attracting audiences to your personal platform or website.

Difference Between a Blog and Vlog

A blog is updated on a website or a page on a regular basis. A vlog is a very effective way of posting video content on a social media account or on a personal website. Nowadays, many individuals earn money via blog and vlog together, i.e., by posting written content and videos. The content on several topics, cultures and social levels, businesses as well as corporate topics are uploaded in both the written and video format.

What is a Blog

A blog writing is an online representation of the diary or the written journal. Generally, a blog is an individual website or a webpage displayed on the website where the user can express their content either in text, images, or GIF format.

The primary use of the personal blog is to share thoughts or to express your feelings in a written or documented format. For example, a creative photographer will try to post pictures exhibiting the creativeness in the images. Similarly, we at try to share informative content with our followers, including countless technical content and mentioning the various services that we offer.

Coincidently, this article will also be posted under the blog head at 10seos.There are different types of blog ideas that are presented on the writing platforms to make it the best blog.

Types of Blogs

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • Affiliate Blog

A. Personal Blog:

A personal blog is a famous type of blogging in which the user shares personal experiences and thoughts regarding any topic. In this type of blog, an individual may or may not be an expert on the content of the topic, but can share their opinion or experience for the same.

B. Business Blog:

A freelancer blogger can run a business enterprise blog as an advertiser for a company. A business blog generally focuses on a definite theme related to the company’s business strategy.

For example,

If a company is an online marketing company, then the articles/blogs available on the website will e related to the core business of that business enterprise. 

C. Niche Blog:

Niche blogging refers to writing content that focuses on one and only topic. The blog offers a platform where you can express the content on the topic of your interest, or maybe you are passionate about expressing your thoughts.

D. Affiliate Blogs:

The main purpose of the affiliate blog is to recommend products or services through affiliate links. The goal is to encourage the user to click on these links and eventually buy the same product that is offered. This provides a blogger to gain a commission by just referring to the product.

The affiliate blog efficiency is supported by writing a niche blog. That means it refers to creating content on a single topic and then focusing on the same via affiliate marketing strategy.

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What is a Vlog

A “vlog” refers to the combination of the words, where V stands for video and log stands for ‘blog’. They are the websites or the social media account owned by professionals or individuals and the content is in the form of videos. 

Vlogging started in the year 2000 and with the period of time, it gained popularity on several platforms. The most popular Vlogging platform is YouTube and Facebook. In addition to this, there are numerous other platforms that have grown over a period of time. The initial cost of the Vlog is quite high because you need a high-quality camera and top quality microphones and other demanded tools. This type of content presentation attracts a lot of audiences within a short span of time. 

Types of Vlogs:

A. Music Vlogs:

In general, Music vlogs have a huge amount of followers. The vlogs provide support to most of the unknown artists around the world to promote and share their work. If you have the ability to share your voice with the world, then your popularity doesn’t matter at all.

B. Technology/Product review:

People, after buying a certain product or technology, provide their personal experience with the working of the product. Mainly vlog channels are focussed on the review of the newly launched mobile phones. 

C. Gaming:

Gaming is one of the most important forms of vlogs trending nowadays. It focuses on the purpose of sharing the live game while playing it on the gaming platform. This helps the audience to watch the gameplay through the main player experience. The reason behind the popularity is that people like to watch the gameplay and enjoy watching it.

D. Comedy:

In the professional world, everyone wants to have a laugh from time to time. Prank or comedy videos are mostly preferred. Some vlog channels are famous comedy clubs on the YouTube platform, with more than 10 million subscribers on the same platform.

E. Health and fitness:

This is also a trending topic to execute a fitness video. These videos try to influence the audience and followers to start exercising/ workout.

F. Fashion:

Fashion videos are preferred throughout the world. They are the most widely watched videos that individual prefers watching. They seek certain advice from creative people to help them with choosing their clothes and makeup.

Here’s what you have learned about Blog vs Vlog:

A blog is an online platform to display your content in textual format. The online platform refers to a website or a webpage that is updated on a regular basis.
A vlog is also an online platform where you can post your content in a video format. The online platform includes self vlogging channels, social media accounts, and personal websites.
Design of Content
Content mainly contains textual matter or images or GIF
Content mainly includes Videos.
The online platform on which the data is presented is hosted with the help of WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, and Drupal
The content is hosted on the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
Initial Costing
Mostly free as you can post on free blog sites or maybe cheaper to start with when compared to the Vlogs
The initial cost of the vlog is expensive because the basic components required for the video recording are highly expensive. 
Online Event
You cannot host any online event on the blog writing platform.
You can host an online event on the Vlogging platform.

To Wrap Up :

A blog is updated on a regular basis that contains the textual matter in a free-and-easy or informal style. Whereas a vlog is a personal website or a social media platform where an individual can post videos regularly.

So to answer the question, which one is better? The answer depends upon the content topic, the target audience, and the resources applied. If you are already into blogging on the regular basis, then surely you need to try vlogging.

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