Use these Lead Magnets to generate more leads


Use these Lead Magnets to generate more leads

Lead Generation is one of the most vital task in the journey of improving your site rankings. However, at the same time it is the most difficult task too. Today the customer has the power to mute almost everything he dislikes. Moreover, with the introduction of ad-block extensions, blocking unwanted stuff has become very easy. 

If you keep the process of lead generation very simple and basic then it won’t gain you much leads. You can not expect people to subscribe you just buy sending an email. You need to think out of the box in order to generate more and more leads. So, today we are going to share some smartest ways by which you can generate more leads. These ways are called Lead Magnets, let’s have a look at them.

Here comes the Lead Magnets….

Lead Magnets

As, mentioned above lead magnets are the smart ways of generating leads. A lead magnet offers something valuable to the user in return of the information which it provides. These valuable offerings can be anything, from free trials to innovative online audits or anything that can be received easily via email. If it is interesting enough to grab the attention of the user, they will surely subscribe you. 

Here are some effective Lead Magnets which will lead to high lead generation, if used properly in your lead generation process. These processes are so effective that they are being used by the worldwide SEO companies

1. Content Bait- 

It is also known as carrot content, this includes the type of content which provide immediate information to the audiences. For example:

  • Text Content- It includes text like how-to guides, white papers, cheat sheet, case studies and checklists.

  • Video Content- It includes content in the form of a video guide or video course.

  • Visuals- It includes infographics and slideshows.

This type of useful content gives an impression of making customer’s life better. The carrot content is suitable for almost any type of business. You can easily send recipes, free lookbook or any other guides to the customers in exchange of the information they provide.

2. Widgets-  

Widgets are built in tools which can be integrated in your website. These widget tools provide exceptional brand experience to the customers by giving them customized services. Widgets are an awesome way to gain authentic information from the prospectus. They are suitable for both B2B and B2C. The best part about these widgets is that they plan an important role in keeping the customer on the product page.  

3. Quizzes-

Another amazing Lead Magnet can be the presence of a quiz on your homepage. The quiz teases the customers and at the same time provides them knowledge in a fun way. This is 100% tried and trusted way of generating leads. You can also conduct surveys with the help of these quizzes. Ask those questions to the visitors about which you want to have their feedback and offer them something valuable in return of that. Once your quiz becomes a hit, you will notice subsequent growth in your leads.

4. Live Demos-

Giving away live demos is a great way of generating leads. If you promise to give live demonstration of your product to the users in exchange of their personal information then they would not hesitate in doing that. 

Involving the visitors in a live question answer session will provide good customer support. Moreover, it helps the users to get the information about the product easily, they do not have to read the user- manual before getting started. This also helps if you're handling a business globally, you can showcase your product to someone sitting miles away from you.

5. Webinars-

Webinar is the bigger version of live demos. A webinar includes the demo of your product plus much more. The biggest advantage of a webinar is that you can provide expert advice to the customers all over the world.Now, people generally keep their webinars paid, but the best way to generate more leads is by providing free webinars to your customers.

6. Free Trials-

One of the best ways to generate leads is by giving away free trials. This allows your product to sell itself because if you provide free trial of your service, then you do not have to spend much time on its marketing and other things. People will automatically reach out to you in order to use your services. Moreover, it is important to note that it does not matter if your product is sophisticated, complicated or easy to use, by giving free trials you are allowing the user to spend more time with your product. This will eventually increase your chances of converting prospects into regular customers. 

7.Contests and Lotteries-

Attracting the users by giving them chance to win a freebie by registering with you is a much more tempting way than sending a boring message via an email. This will always help you in getting more leads because it is a great way for a B2C to acquire more customers in your net.

8. Special Offers- 

Special offers and discounts are always a good way of luring more users towards your site. Giving away discount coupons over the purchase of your products is a great way to entice people. This will also increase traffic on your site  which will in turn lead to a better SEO.  

So, these were some easy yet effective lead generation methods which you can use. The largest SEO companies are making use of these Lead Magnets to generate more and more leads for their clients everyday.

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