Use of Google Review Snippets for better SEO


Use of Google Review Snippets for better SEO

If your are running a business, then the one thing which always goes on in your mind is how to make business better. As the competition in online market increases, maintaining the online presence has become quite a difficult task. In order to be the best in your business you need to provide the best services to the customers. Your services are the only factor which decides how many customers you will be acquiring in the coming future.

Even if you are seeking the best SEO firms in the world to have an optimized site for your business, your priority must remain the best of class services. Now, the other important thing is how to let other people know about your services? One simple and probably the best way is by giving the review option for your product and services. So, today we are going to share with you that how you can make use of Google Review Snippets for better SEO.

Use Reviews and Rich Snippets to stay ahead of the Game

Over the past few years, Google has made many changes in its search algorithms. These changes have affected the SEO standards, in fact the SEO firms providing the best SEO global services had to change many strategies accordingly.

Building up an audience is a very important task and to help you in this purpose Google introduced its Rich Snippets and Reviews feature. You can now use the review feature within Google SERPs in order to optimize your venture’s online efforts.

Although Google introduced the idea of rich snippets in the year 2009 itself, but it is still one of the best and most effective ideas for the online business holder to use it for attracting audience. The rich snippets provide additional details about certain pages in the search results. However, Google provides two different types reviews when it comes to rich snippets i.e. critic reviews and review snippets.

Review Snippets

Review Snippets generally gives the average of combined rating scores from the reviewers all over the internet. This feature allows the business holder to see, how the product or service is viewed by a large audience, These snippets not only show the text related to the products but also rate them on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10.  The review snippets are available for local businesses, restaurants, movies, books, music and lot more. They appear in Google search results  either under the given search or in the Google Knowledge cards.

Critic Reviews

Critic Reviews are different from review snippets because these reviews provide a deep insight to an individual’s review about a certain product rather than a general overview of that product. This type of more in-depth look can help you in having a better understanding of how people feel about your business. These reviews can be prominently displayed in the search results, which allows the users to read the review of your services directly under your domain’s knowledge graph. These reviews are also displayed for local businesses, movies, restaurants etc.

Nothing can be said enough about the importance of reviews in increasing the optimization of your site. Well one of the solid reason is reviews allow your site to catch the eye of the user. People who want to stay ahead of time in terms of quality check for some particular products or services, always look for the reviews and ratings. Another important advantage of using reviews is increase in the click-through-rates. We shall learn about it in depth:

Increase in Click-Through-Rates

Using reviews has a lot of benefits, but one of the most important advantage which we get is the increased click-through-rates. If your reviews are good, then not only they will catch more and more eyes but it will also develop the interest among the users to click on your domain’s name. This will allow more and more people to reach to your business and know about your products better.

Increasing CTR does not only means increase in traffic, but it also means increase in the conversion rates of what you expect from your business. More the CTR and conversion rates better will be the rankings in Google’s SERPs.

It has been found that nearly 90% of the viewers online are influenced by the reviews of products and sites. This fact is itself enough to show the importance of having reviews of your business online. So, if you want to attain a position where no one can beat you then start working on establishing good reviews for your services, which will ultimately come from providing good services to the acquired customers.

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