Understand What It Takes To Rank Better In SERP


Understand What It Takes To Rank Better In SERP

Improvement in ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is a tricky business. It could be flustering and also a daunting task but approaching the best seo san jose will be helpful but with few tweaks from your end can help you make giant leaps. 

Before making amends you will need to spot the issues, you would have to understand what is responsible and where the actions are profligate in the drop in conversion rates. After spotting and understanding, you will be able to come up with a conclusion and tweaks can be made. 

Here are the three steps that will help you spot the loopholes and in the eradication of them:-

Determining Issue(s)

The very first thing to make the amends will begin with the spotting of issues that are stopping your website to bring the profits you deemed. If the performance of any section or page is not up to the mark then prioritize them and take one at a time to keep the things simplified. Keeping an eye on the search traffic will also provide an insight where the things are not working and drops are occurring. Optimizing sections separately can also help you determine the issues. You will need to curate the urls and then you can use subfolders so that you can look for the areas. Because sometimes the website performs correctly but sections like this could create some hassle to beat the performance of the whole website. 

Keyword Decline: Use Google Trend

Logging in your Google Trend accounts will bring the current situation of keywords and topics. You can get an idea if the changing trends are responsible for the decline in performance of your website because if the ranking and traffic of your website changes after the unchanged demand of the keyword then the problem is at your end, in the website. And if you detect the drop in search of keywords then it can be said that your content has been outgrown by time and you would need to update it. 

Performing Queries

Performing some queries on your website can also assist in diagnosing the issues and understanding how things are going wrong. 

  • Search Keywords: Searching your own top keywords on the search engines will bring the current position of your website on the SEPR. The search will make your website’s position obvious and you will also be able to detect the variation in the position of it if they exist. 

  • Search Your Brand Name Along With a Keyword: Here you can complete the search by searching the name of your website along with a keyword. You will be able to recognize if Google has imposed some kind of penalty. 

  • Paste a String From Your Website in Search Bar: Pasting and searching a sentence or a string from your website will also bring the position of your website in the SERP. And it will also make obvious that Google is picking your website or not. 

  • Search Another String in Quotation: Pasting and searching another string in quote marks will show whether the issue if the content quality or Google penalty. If you get the right position in SERP after searching a string in quotation marks then the issue is surely not of duplicity. 

  • Check Content Indexing: To ensure that your content is indexed by Google you have to search the string of url address and if it does not show result then you might have issues related to meta robots, robots.txt, or crawling. 

  • Site Uptime and Downtime: You can check the uptime and downtime of your site with a tool. This will help you know whether your site was down or not. 

Curate SERP Issues

Now that you know what has been going wrong with your website, jotting it down in an exploratory manner will frame the next step and will lead to the core of the problem. The very first thing to do is to understand what situation you are into. There could be two cases either your traffic could be down but the ranking is fine or both of them are messed up. 

If it is only the traffic which is down but rankings are keeping up the following issues could be the reason for such occurrence:-

  • Less search demand as noted through Google Trends.

  • SERP’s new features.

  • Brand related issues (could be in relation to catastrophic PR).

If both of the rankings and traffic are performing abysmally, the following could be issued to blame:-

  • Varying search trends could be the problems with your less traffic which certainly must have robbed your rankings as well. 

  • If your content is not matching the quality of the search engines or the issue is of duplicacy then dips in rankings and traffic are certain.

  • Competition could also be the thorn in your rankings and traffic. If you are falling out of competition then to keep up with them get influenced by them and mimic their strategies. 

  • If your content is not compelling enough then also your website will keep on losing traffic and rankings. 


Now that you have identified the issues and have prepared the hypothesis, the next thing to embark on is the fixation of these issues. Make the required changes and get on with the new things which can take your website from normal to the level where you aspire it to be. 

Here are the things which can solve the issues on ground level:-

  • On-page and technical issues could be hovering on your website to Robb your website of the rankings and traffic. Getting Google Crawl perform on your website could fix things but it will take time to complete but time is dependent on the numbers of pages your website have. 

  • Spam and Link problems are better when left alone and the best option for you is not to fix them but to start from the scratch. 

  • Update most of the portion of pages. If you think you have got the issue spot on, then solving it does not require just the fixation of that portion only. If you update meager portion on the page then the impact will be minimal. As the best austin seo company advices to update much of the page instead of portions. 

There could be the pages that might be underperforming, breaking down what you can do about it:-

  • There are things that can be done on a page, however, pages suffer mostly when the content is outdated and the page authority goes degrading. You can edit the content and you can add some more content to the already existing content. 

  • Republishing the content which you feel is good but could not muster benefits you projected can be republished after doing some editing. The quality of content could be right on top but as it gets old Google recognize as old and irrelevant. 

  • SEO optimization could be a great deal to restore glory. SEO is the concept which is renewed every now and then so you also need to do the same thing. You have to keep it updated time to time. 

  • Headline or the title of the content could be at fault if it is not attention grabbing. Make sure you change it if it is not on top.

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