Tips And Tricks: How To Create A Content That Works Smartly?


Tips And Tricks: How To Create A Content That Works Smartly?

The relation between SEO and content can be understood as a relation that milk and coffee have with each other. Milk and coffee are two different thing but still complement each other so well!

Similarly SEO and content are different but work complementary to bring better convergence for the marketers. Several studies conducted by top agencies suggest that maximum marketers believe SEO and content as converged discipline. Every marketer agree that maximum conversion is possible by organic traffic which can be obtained with a combination of SEO and content. Research conducted by BrightEdge indicate that 71% and more marketers report that their half of the content is not consumed by their targeted audiences.

Despite having so much understanding of content and its importance, marketers are lagging behind. The content which does not create any result is simply a waste of time and efforts. It brings frustration in the mind of the marketers and also waste valuable resources.

This is the high time when marketers will have to understand and built a smart content. Marketers should intelligently approach towards content marketing. But how?

If this question is in your mind, read ahead!

What does smart content mean?

SEO consultants from Dallas SEO services suggest three points to justify and define a smart content. They are:

  • Discoverable: A content which can be found easily

  • Optimized: A content that is generated by keeping the best practice for optimization in mind

  • Profitable: The content’s fruit fullness can be measured.

Smart content can be regarded as a content which is generated keeping in mind the users intend. It should be made in a way that users expect to read and should easily engage the targeted customers. It should be informative and engaging for targeted users. Smart content are high in return on investment as they are highly discoverable and consumable due to its nature of content.

In order to create a highly consumable content, marketers will have to look into the data. This research data can be a great source of information to identify topics which are consistent with the preference of the targeted customers and make them easily engaged with it. Data are highly useful in providing user intent and the possible topics which can be generated by marketers.

Another important point that  professionals from SEO company Denver highlights is, while the content is generated its optimization process should also continue simultaneously with the best practices of SEO. This way the content generated becomes highly consistent with SEO and give instant result as soon as it is made live. During the content generation process, getting an insight of the users intent also has significant effect on the usability of the content.

The context of smart content

Smart content is slightly different from the regular content that brands produce. Smart content are build for brands to improve the brands awareness for users intent and how site visitors interact with the content that the brand produce.

All thanks to the increase in technological advancements, that users can easily understand and consume the content right from the SERP with the help of videos, gif files, images etc. The key is to understand the intent of the users and then design the content which is bound to increase the ROI.

Smart content are the content which are created in a way that hits the search result just after they are made live. They begin with churning more engagement ,traffic and profitability for the marketers. Brands integrating smart content can easily engage customers across various devices and channels, driving revenue and building the organization thoroughly.

How can you create smart content?

1. Understand who gets targeted

Make sure to understand who exactly will be targeted with your content. A smart content can only be generated when right content should be designed for right targeted audience. 

Yes! Data can be a one stop solution to design content which is worthy for targeted audience. But for generating a content for targeted audience, first the target should be identified. Once they are identified, the topic of content should be developed accordingly.

2. Understand what they want

After knowing the exact targets, it is important to understand what kind of content they expect. Rely on search data to analyse the type of content consumed and the rising trends involved with it.

3. Optimization

Make sure to generate content from the beginning itself according to the best practice of SEO.

Content is complementary to SEO and really important to generate better ranking for website. All smart contents are optimized right from the inception to give positive result from the beginning itself. Such content starts appearing in SERP from the moment they are live.

4. Measurable

Measuring the effectivity of the content is also essential. Align your generated content with your business goals and KPIs and measure the engagement level of the customers with your content. Data and measurement is the key to create smart content. Understand the goal that you wants to accomplish with your content such as visitor rate, conversion, high ranking etc.

5. Adaptation and repetition

Adjust your content strategy with the defined goal that your business wants to achieve. Smart content is the synonym for improving the efficiency and effectivity for the business. Research your content plan and shrug off the content that does not provide any value. In spite of them use content that brings better conversion and reward with expansion. Use data metrics to find how individual customer react to your content and use that for content strategy.


Smart content are the one which is highly needed to make the brands visible easily on SERPs. In order to generate smart content that is measurable, discoverable, optimizable and profitable, make sure to follow the tips stated above.

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