Seo Items to consider during a website design


Seo Items to consider during a website design

A redesign of your website should be considered every few years as its a  best practice to maintain a modern, functional website. If you are planning to redesign your website, it's important to keep SEO in mind throughout the process. While a new, shiny, bright website is nice, its only worthwhile if it's generating traffic. According to the experts from the best Seo Company In Boston, you must consider the following seo items to during a website redesign.

No matter how great your new website looks, but that’s not what the search engine spiders look for. It the crawlable text content on your site that is used to determine the keyword relevancy and rank. So be sure to check the quality and accuracy of content during the website redesigning process. If you find that the content is outdated and needs to be updated, consider the keywords used on the page and incorporate them into the new content as long as they are relevant. 

If you are thinking about removing text altogether because you don’t like the way it looks and you think it's not needed or obvious, then think again. You might think that your users don’t need this content but the spiders do need it. So, instead of removing it consider relocating it on the page or using javascript that can be crawled by the search engines as rollover text that only appears when the mouse hovers over a certain spot. 

If the site has already been optimized and the content isn’t changing then the meta information should also not change either and should be carried over on all the pages.You never want the title tag to revert to “Home” or “Services” or any other generic placeholder. The title, meta description, and header tags should all remain intact for every page of the site, including blog posts, which can drive huge organic traffic to some websites.

  • 301 Re-directs

The URL structure of the page should remain same. But if your website currently has a non-user-friendly or funky structure that doesn’t represent your content in the correct way. Its the right time to update the URLs. A 301 redirect will help to preserve your SEO efforts as much as possible.This might cause a slight dip in the ranking, but if the URLs were messy to begin with it might hurt you in long run. 

  • Responsive design

Every website needs to be responsive because of the growing mobile searches. If for some reason you are late to the game, make sure that the new website design is responsive

  • Page Load Time

During the website redesign process, you don’t want to sacrifice the usability for looks. So make sure that the design elements used on the website are not making your site slow. Page load time is usability factor which affects rank. Ideally, page load time should be less than 5 seconds for every page. 

  • Indexing

Ensure that the new site isn’t indexed while it's in testing mode so that two different versions of the site aren’t being crawled, indexed and ranking in the search engine.

  • Google Tools

Google Analytics and Google search console are the best SEO reporting tools. Before launching the new version of a site,  it's essential to add the GA code and verify search console so that there is a smooth transaction between you can easily see what the traffic looks like before, during and after the transition.  Google Search Console specifically will provide technical, back-end SEO information that is useful if there is any drop in the traffic. 

A website redesign is a great step, provided you take the necessary steps to retain all previous SEO work. Though you can never predict exactly what will happen but following our tips will put you in the best position. Working with professionals providing SEO services in California, you can get a great assistance and help to get most out of your SEO efforts. 

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