Getting the Best Out of Our Favorite Tool; Google Analytics


Getting the Best Out of Our Favorite Tool; Google Analytics

Analytics is a tough job. Making a sense of all the data is excruciating. It is almost equal to the torture.

Well, it does not have to be. Anything is too difficult for us until we understand it accurately. Analytics is actually fun when we work on the Google Analytics. It is not a magical tool but the insights that we can get are certainly valuable.

So, without wasting much time, let us see how the startups can collect the useful data from the Google Analytics to make a quick progress.

#1. Know your tracking code

For the convenience, SEO Company Denver suggests using only one tracking code on your site. This would limit the confusion and you will not get lost in lots of data that does not make a sense anyhow. You can control the scripts rendered and you need not change the HTML files for every small change. Set the Google Tag Manager and get started.

#2. Filter and focus on what you want to know

Go to the Analytics and see all website data. This data shows all the traffic that you are getting. It constitutes the app traffic, landing pages traffic and the mobile traffic. To know the traffic coming from each of this source, set the filters. Identify the area of improvement and which aspect of your website is bringing in the maximum traffic.

#3. Get your hands on the hidden data

Analytics would not show your SEO data by default. You have to link it with the Google Webmaster tools. Click on the ‘Admin’. Choose Account on the left and in the middle choose Property. Click on ‘All products’. Find Search console and click on ‘link search console’. Choose the domain and link the accounts. Now you will get the keyword data. You can see which keywords are performing and which are worth targeting.

#4. Segment to know the audiences better

There can be groups of audiences that you are targeting. These audiences are buying the similar products but their intentions may be different. You need to divide the traffic to get insights about these different audiences that you are targeting. So instead of trying to understand whole data, divide it and try to make sense of it.

#5. Create an Event

Events do not mean the big thing that your company is sponsoring. In the Analytics, event simply means any activity that you want to track. Set the events like clicking on the subscribe button or clicking on ‘pay now’ button. These events would help you understand how many people are subscribing to you. You can know how many people are adding things to cart but not buying them. Different events give you different insights. Based on these events, you can also know the cost per click or cost per acquisition.

#6. Set your goals and get the tracking going

After you know which events are worth noticing, set up the goals for these events. Know what you have to do after a lead has triggered the event. You should know the lead behavior when a particular event is triggered. Your ultimate aim is to measure the sales. Set the purchase goal or a subscription goal and measure which events do the leads go through to reach the goal.

#7. Learn to read the reports

At the last, you should know which Analytics report is to be read how. The conversion funnel reports will tell you about the percentage of visitors converting and coming back to the site. The product report would tell you the product sales w.r.t. to changing seasons and times. You can also know the days and sessions that a visitor goes through before actually converting.

Google Analytics is great tool provided you know to use it to the full potential. If you are just starting your business, do not invest in any other analytics tool which looks promising. Houston SEO services advice to getting accustomed to the Google Analytics before moving to any other.

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