New Format of SEO Reporting to follow in 2018


New Format of SEO Reporting to follow in 2018

When you deal with your client who barely knows things about SEO it gets tough to send the reports which they can understand. But it is not a trouble anymore, neither for them nor for you. It is a known fact that communication is the key for every business, even in the SEO. And not everyone knows about SEO, so this is where the communication comes in and how effective you could be at it with the person who is not familiar with the SEO. This is when the SEO reports hit the trigger! 

To sustain the clients you would have to put the reports which can be understood by your clients. The reports that would show the real growth to the clients not to your business mind. You shrug off your potential clients when you put the figures in front of them which they find difficult to understand. Put the junk off and prepare the reports which are for the clients not for yourself. How can you get the reports right on the mark? Here you go:

  • Stop mentioning links: Clients only want to know how and on what their money is spent. They simply want Return On Investment (ROI). And mentioning links in the report does not do that. Listing links do not make any sense for the clients. No doubt, listing them shows that you got some valuable links for your clients but it does not hold much value. Most of the clients have no idea about the links and how they work. To make reports more functional, you better stop mentioning them in the reports. 
  • Stop overloading data: We got it, you are wizard when it comes to stats and data around the SEO. You can convince the person which knows and understands them, but, what about the boss who will see it? Boss does not understand all that lines and graphs, boss did not pay to see the things which he cannot understand. And there you are, doing all the gold work and not even getting a single pat on your back. Instead, who knows these things could annoy the higher authority. The best is not to mention them and bring the facts which can be understood by the people who know nothing about the data and stats. 
  • Say no to dashboards: Without any dubious thought dashboards are awesome, but giving live access to the clients is not a good idea at all. Dashboard is one perfect tool for your internal team but with the clients things get different. Sudden traffic drops or ranking drops cannot be stopped, they are inevitable, and while the client would be seeing all the things would bring you at the defensive stance. Which is good for all the parties involved. Because? It is a time waste to defend them. You know they will regain their positions. So it makes no sense to provide the dashboard to the clients. Moreover, the more data on the dashboard would only confuse the clients. So better keep the things to yourself only! 

In the nutshell

The best can be said that your clients want what they can understand, now the maths and statistics. Eliminate all the things which could make them shake their head. Make a single page report and put the highlights on it. That is what they want. Show them their growth and the organic search. That is it! However, if any client wants a deep insight. Make a custom report and mention the things in the simplest manner. Keep one thing in mind when you make the reports, you are dealing with the clients not with the marketers. Optimize and orient the things around them, not you.

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