Mobile Marketing Trends To Look After In 2018


Mobile Marketing Trends To Look After In 2018

Nothing is more important than the mobile phones for marketers in the year 2018. If companies would not act they will pay their due by losing their visitors and customers to the competition. Smartphones have brought the new technological horizon, the ones who are not exploring it and adapting to it would be left in the dust. People are using internet and search engines on the go and if someone cannot digest this fact then they should quit what they are doing. 

However, the emergence of mobile phones also demands for the change in marketing strategies. Because? Because facts and stats have shown that almost 50% of the Americans are using mobile phones over desktops and this will keep on growing. 

For the marketers, this is the wide spectrum to play with. Now they have time and resources to explore their best options and to understand how they can shoot up the things like engagement, entertainment, and can foster relationships and other things that will make their deals and products too tempting to resist. 

If any advantage you have right now, that is of the data you have got. Years of data would help now to establish new mobile marketing strategies that will make your company an emerging star in the market. 

To maximize ROI, here are the trends you need to look after:-

Big Data: The Direction Provider For Mobile Marketing

The merger of customer information and behavior is big data. 

To become customer-focused big data should be your first redemption. Because big data would provide you the information of a customer, the information would contain all the things and actions of the person on a particular site that could help you establish your marketing strategy. Another thing you will get from bid data would be the behavior of the customer on the site and towards the particular things. With the behavior of customers at your disposal, you can predict the behavior of your sales. All these things would become an asset to your SEO as well and you can seek out the best atlanta seo to take your website to the new heights. 

Big data is now not just the massive collection of data, in fact, with its assistance you can establish a more purposeful conversation with your potential customers and targeted audience. 

Advantages of big data:-

  • It will help you target the right audience properly. 

  • It will help you assess the impact of the conveyed information and would assist you making your information more appealing to the audience. 

  • It will let you explore the insights of the customers while developing an application. 

  • It will be instrumental in figuring the likes and dislikes of the customers, what they want, what they need, their pain points, and elevate engaging factors. 

  • Big data will also bring you the geographical location of the customers and with that you can target more easily and you could be more specific. 

Search Engines Would Display More Than Just Pages

Google Search Engine Result Pages are displaying more than just the results and they have been working on the video ads. 

Search engines like Facebook and Twitter have already started posting auto-playing video ads and Vines. However, Google is yet to come to any decision regarding the videos ads as they are still noticing the behavior of the people towards it.

Now the addition of apps on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) should be flabbergasting as they also come everywhere as the suggestion. Search engines on any given day could start to take on the apps as well because they have data and this thing would definitely push the ceiling of directories and stores to unprecedented heights. 

Now that the data is present in the bulk and tracks of the browsing habits from past, would define the search pages of the future and one thing is sure to happen: no one is going to look for the only result pages. 

Projections are clear and we are likely to see the fully optimized mobile search pages. And if things are to change, then we will witness the changes in the color, location, sizes, and price range in accord with the customers. And like always for your SEO mobile optimization is one of the most important things and to get the things resolved in jibbies you should only look for the best austin seo

Integration Of Apps, Ecommerce, and Social Media To An Unprecedented Extent

The development in the mobile application would be seamless this year. The integration between all the things would be important and it will happen at all cost. The integration would take place in between applications, their ecommerce store, and their social outlets. The thing to mull over but more to act over is that businesses must focus on the blending of social outlets in the mobile marketing strategy. 

Take Instagram and Pinterest, one have almost over 1 billion users and one accounts for the referral traffic of proportion of almost 6%, respectively. No wonder why Shoppable Instagram is showing no signs of slowing down since its launching in 2017. 

However, so far Instagram is only limited to the fashion items but it will expand itself and it is just a matter of time till we see all things are up for grabs on it. 

If you want to make an impact on the Instagram or on the social media then there is only one way and that is by creating posts that must be appealing to the customers. That is possible when you can understand the wants and needs of your targeted audience. 

Pinterest could be your next platform to target audience with the alluring and appealing posts. 

All the things aside, now the focus of social media platforms that are hot and buzzing, is to merge the apps, web, social, and ecommerce. Now that certainly coincides with your advantages and you can make the most of your business by staying up on all the things. Because now you will reach your audience more than before and they will have an easy insight into the things you are producing. 

Multi-purpose Application That Can Define Lifestyle

The number of application on play store and appstore is in million on each. 

In the foreseeable future application would remain a dominant force for the mobiles. The only barrier to the development of the application comes down to one thing and that is bandwidth. 

Brands are striving to get ahead of time and they have all the things to do so but the restrains on them are holding them back and keeping them at where they are. 

Now you might have to check the weather on one app, one different app must be tracking your fitness, and one application would remind you of your appointment with your doctor. 

That is the place where change is budding and developers are ready to keep the same thing running. Now they want to change it all and their focus is on developing the applications that can show you the weather report before you go out running and would count your calories consumed and would remind you of your all appointments. All these things from one application only. 

That is how they will define the lifestyle, the application that will make you say that you are proud user of it. Just like you use your lifestyle brands. 

‘Change’ Is Constant And The Big Thing

All the predictions, forecast, and analysis are fun but you never know when thing could turn on their head. The direction where mobile marketing is heading could be projected but it can never be determined by the actions of past. The past actions can only provide you the glimpse of the future but they cannot frame the future. There is only one thing that can change the future and that is ‘change’.

But the above-mentioned things are discussed and mooted so that the change can be instigated. 

We can just make the things and break the things. But all we can say is that 2018 is going to be big for customers and for mobile marketing, how? Could be any way.  Could the ways we have projected. Could be the ways no one has seen yet. 

All we can do is, sit back in 2019 and check what we said, what we discussed, and how it turned out to be. 

This post is just to start something, however, it could be much useful for the owners who are running out of ideas. 

All we have to remember is that new things would come but they might come sans washing the existing things. Whatever you are going to develop the importance of SEO would remain the same. So to go from strength to strength you should look only for the best seo san jose, to make the most of your social media you should look for the best social media campaigners. What else? Whatever you are going to do make sure you are doing with the best! 

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