Is Medium The Correct Platform For Content Marketers


Is Medium The Correct Platform For Content Marketers

As said by the top SEO Companies content is one of the most important things to kick-start anything new or to resurrect anything old. There are platforms which could be useful for content marketers but one of the best and most efficient is Medium. Do you know what Medium is? Medium is a free platform where content writers can publish their work. It was developed by the co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams in 2012. Medium took a while to get started but now it is full-on. As per record Medium is one of the top 200 sites in the United States. Medium is one of its kind because on Medium content marketers and writers can have the element of social media network, blogging platform, and content marketplace and all of them are finely blended. Hence, in lieu of hosting the content on your website the better option would be to post it on sites like Medium, because they allow the best to stand out and you can face the competition at one place and you would have to compete on sites like Medium instead of competing with other websites that somehow get the best of the people by using tricks or by staying up for longer time. 

Medium is also the platform where you can get the trend in your hindsight. If you will use Medium as the platform only to promote your content, you may not be able to get the best of it. 

Popularity of Medium

Medium allows brands to sponsor the stories written by the writers to influence readers. Medium allows marketers as they can reach to a wide audience. For writers Medium is a sea, they can write on whichever topic they want and for the readers, Medium is a treat, it has a simple interface and vast choices to read from. 

The sole focus of Medium is readers. As people are growing sick of the click-bait articles, hence, Medium stands out and its approach is crucial. Writers can get the advantage not only on the number of clicks, in fact on the number of reads. The reading time is the main thing which separates it from other platforms which can be manipulated on the basis on likes, comments, and shares. It will show writers their level of engagement and posts on Medium gain visibility on the number of reads, views, reads to view ratio, and recommendations. 

Working of Medium

Publications at Medium curate the stories for the particular topics. Anyone can organize stories using the platform, even Medium can create stories. There is a submission guide for the publication on Medium. As anyone can publish their piece of work but before the publication, the team of editors of Medium goes through the work and after their validation only the work can be published. 

The Process of Curating Stories on Medium

Stories on Medium are organized in the Collections. Which users and Medium can create both. Medium’s editors and algorithms list the stories that have charted the best in the month, week, or time restricted by them. When created, the stories have no publishing date and users can recommend the stories they like. 

If you are on Medium then creating content is one of the easiest things to do. You can straight away go and create your content by clicking ‘New Story’. You can write the content or copy your work and paste directly into the text editor and publish it again if it is yours only. You would not have to worry about Google duplicate content policy as search engines have developed the understanding of content promotion across several platforms. After publishing you can see the stats related to the reads, views, and analytics. 

Medium Publications for Content Marketers

Publication and people you might want to follow to develop the understanding of Medium and also how you can get the better of content marketing:-

  • Strategic Content Marketing

To come across new ideas and strategies this publication could be a key to unlock new theories and also to evolve yours. This publication brings together different content marketers and creators. 

  • Influence

The publication by Bloglovin’, Influence have almost 8 million users. The topic covered by this publication are mostly about social media marketing and influencer marketing. You can also download things like white papers, research, and RSVP to marketing events. 

  • Jay Baer

Founder of Convince & Convert, Jay Baer is one of the most influencing figures on Medium. The accolades of New York Times best-seller author and global speaker further uplifts his status. 

  • Jeff Bullas

One of the biggest and the brightest names in the content marketing, Jeff Bullas has risen to the pinnacle by becoming an astute example by sharing his expertise on the content marketing and influence of social media straight from his personal blog. 

  • Larry Kim

Larry Kim has the propensity to talk about entrepreneurship and social media, and he is an expert at both of them. Founder of WordStream, Larry Kim could be a greater influence for you to build a publication. 

What Medium can Teach Content Marketers

There are just many things which Medium teaches content marketers every now and then but here are three things that can have the impact of high magnitude on the content marketers:-

  • Risk: The best way to get the things going is by inventing something new and making the existing things work more better. Content marketers should take risk by taking on the new platforms. 

  • Long-form Content: If you want to make the most of the traffic then you should invest in the content which will be long, detailed, and educative. The short content is not enough to make the cut. 

  • Ideas: If you want your content to shine brighter than others, be innovative at least in writing and in thinking. Forget about the authority and other stuff, people will buy the idea no one is going to ponder over money you spent on the promotion and author, people just want something new. 


Things That will Ensure Success on Medium

Medium can teach you so much from the outside, you just learnt it. But now the thing is what you can do make the most on the Medium, here are few tips that will pave your way to success:-

  • CTAs are Assets: Call-to-actions are most friendly thing you have on the Medium. Adding CTA to your each piece of work will raise the stocks of your company on the Medium, you can fetch the traffic from it by mention CTA in the footer of the image and you should do the same outside of the Medium to attract the traffic on your publication. The trick is as same as given by the SEO Agencies, you just have to make it work on Medium. 

  • Own a Publication: With your own publication you will have more authority to customize your work. Make sure you choose the relevant url, and make sure to make a bold first impression by using the header and logo of brand. 

  • Formatting Options: Prying on the hidden formatting options could be a key to catch the attention of the readers. 

  • Sharing Content: Only Medium would not be able to bring most of the traffic, sharing your work at other platforms will be prolific. 

  • Collaborate with Writers: If you are short on resources then you should never forget that the number of writers on Medium is uncountable and so is with the number of industries. You can ask the influencing writer from your industry for a contribution. Moreover, if you will be able to make such relationships then you business will have plenty of opportunities and will remain stable for a long time. 

For the content marketers, Medium is one big platform to salvage much of the benefits. However, you will need to register your perennial presence and learning first and implementing after is the best strategy to make your strategies on Medium. 

Medium is one great platform for the content writers and content marketers be prudent with your approach and you will succeed because the number of readers on Medium is way too much than anywhere else you can find. Moreover, another advantage to publish the content on Medium is its acceptability of all the kinds of content and topics. Medium is also a great opportunity to bring exposure to your brand, you can influence people to use the services provided by your company. But you just have to create intriguing, engaging, entertaining, and informative content and it will prevail all and everything. 

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