How to Perform an SEO Audit By Yourself?


How to Perform an SEO Audit By Yourself?

Everyone knows the importance of SEO but SEO audit can play a vital role if you want to be on the top of SERPs. Inspection of your page can inform you about the mistakes and faults. So you have a chance to improve it before coming into the market.

Best audit companies can do this for you but they will take a big amount to do so. If you are just starting up your business you can do it by yourself. Yes, it’s not that difficult. I am going to mention few points. if you will focus on these points, it can help you to improve the ranking.

So you must have prepared all business plan and a website for it. Let’s begin with simple points.

  • Algorithms of Search engine and web structure understand the way how crawlers or spiders work and how it indexes website. Try to make a website which is interconnected pages and there should be one easy accessible link. See, if any information is hidden or not. You can use tools to find the errors which a crawler will catch. Try to eliminate duplicate links.
  • Important keywords and targets- make a big list to gather all the data. In this list, mention all the keywords which can be useful. Try to understand the volume of keywords and requirement of difficulty level.  Now when your list is ready, prioritize what is more important and change accordingly.
  • On-page optimizationas you now titles, meta description, and heading do matter. Try to maximize the use of all these things. Selection of keywords should be done carefully. If you have similar keywords, try to use them in single URL. it can affect the ranking.
  • Snippet- check you snippet after the completion of your work. Check how does it look. Take reviews from different users. Ask, if it is intriguing or not? Compare similar websites and test how well your website ranks on SERPs. Try to make a keyword rich snippet.
  • Links and alternative ways- Try to provide links that are important. Like, link to a youtube video or images that can give information. Try to provide map location if required. Don’t forget to check the quality of backlinks. This might help you to get a lot of traffic.
  • Conversion- the last point is conversion because once you will create traffic on your site then you don’t want to increase the bouncing rate. Try to focus on the quality of your service. Once a user lands on your page, he/she must purchase something. Try to convert the visitors into your permanent customers.

So this was it. if you have focused on these points, your audit is almost complete. Now start a test run to know where do you stand. If you do have the budget then I suggest you visit SEO resellers. They can help you in a better way. They can optimize everything and give you a valuable output.


It is not necessary that you have to do the audit by yourself but you have to do it. If you want to step ahead in business this is very important.

In this blog, we have discussed what points to focus on when you are doing an audit nu yourself. If you pay attention to these small-small points then definitely, it will help you to increase the visibility of your page.

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