Google Trend :Top 5 Google Trends That Can Help Your Seo


Google Trend :Top 5 Google Trends That Can Help Your Seo

Launched in 2006, google trends was introduced for marketers to get invaluable insight in how people search on popular search engine. Earlier trends was a static resource that was updated only on infrequent basis with fresh data. In recent times, the services has got a new boost and enlightenment. Austin SEO consultants suggest that to have a synthesis of market research and SEO data, google trends aptly suits the purpose. Segmenting the trend in various categories such as geographical, product category, content type, topic etc, allow users to go much broader in analysis as compared to SEO tools.

The expansion of trends in recent time, in the field of news, shopping, images etc. Google trends has brought the time to revisit and refresh the many ways by which SEO can be enhanced.

If you are new to the world of Google trends, there are certain things to keep in mind when visualizing a data. The google trend data can be adjusted for making visual comparison between data set for helping users. The search results are proportion to time and location of query:

  • The trend data is divided by total searches based on geographical area and time range to compare the popularity.

  • The resulting number obtained and then scaled on a range 0-100 based on the proportion of the topic all searches

  • The different area that show same searches for a term will have same total search volume.

Based on these parameter, the graph may look like this:

Now let us discuss some tips on google trend that can help SEO:

Keywords research

Keywords research is the most obvious usage of trends in SEO efforts but trends are often overlooked in support for keyword planners and other SEO tools.

SEO professionals from best SEO company in boston highlight the importance of trend in suggesting new keywords based on various criterias mentioned in keyword planner. It shows the rise in related search queries that is popularly used. Trend can help in checking the potential of your keyword before you prepare to use it in your site.

Apart from giving a reality check about the potential of the keyword, it also provides a fresh idea for your keyword list that can be incorporated to gain a new customer base. Building keyword list that hold a wide spectrum of users choice for your product is not an additional advantage, it is a prerequisite for doing well.

If SEO consultant target queries before they get traced by competitors, it will give better reward potential.

  • Compare the search trend across google search engine

The filters available in news, shopping, images etc to google trends has opened a new range of SEO opportunity for experts. These can be accessed from a drop down menu at the top of result page

Here we take example of dog and cat for explaining

Image search data from google trends has proven a very valuable source of inspiration for SEOs. The data obtained from trends can be segmented on the basis of city and sub regions and they suggest related search queries. In google trends is easily possible to compare search trend across different queries in which google processes.

  • Predict seasonal peaks

The most common use of google trend for SEO is analysis of peaks and tough time in consumer demand.

Here, we take the example of olympics. We can see a significant rise in every four year of summer olympics. Winter olympics are also attracting peaks for every two year. If we analyse the cross reference in trend with the data available in keyword planner. 

  • Trending topics for making reactive content

One of the most useful aspects of google trends is to access a real time search data. There are many SEO technology but none of them can provide a reliable information that google serves. These information can be directly accessed from google trend homepage. Another interesting way to work with data to take listed URLs and use SEO tools like ahrefs or search metrics to source the keywords that the page rank.

These metrics provide insight on how quickly a page can be indexed and ranked along with quantity of semantically related queries.

Google trends has huge potential that can be incorporated in SEO efforts to bring better result. Incorporate the tips stated above and enhance your site potential by discovering new SEO keywords and trends.

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