First quarter (Q1) of 2018: How Your SEO Is Doing?


First quarter (Q1) of 2018: How Your SEO Is Doing?

The first quarter of 2018 is about to wrap up. Time flies by, indeed. Well, time is not the matter, it is about SEO, is it flying vibrantly? Or it has just hit the slump? Oh, maybe, it is about to hit the slump, did you revise the SEO strategy? Because change is inevitable, not just in life, but also in Google’s algorithms

Strategies, life, websites, blogs are supposed to keep on growing, because the things that have struck in the way has been uprooted, and do not miss out on the algorithms of search engines because they keep on changing, so if your blog, website, or SEO has not changed then uprooting of them could be possible as well. What’s best in such situation: analyze, observe, and amend. 

It is time to evaluate all the SEO strategy because the more you will keep an eye on the search engines the more you will realize the need of revising the things. SEO is one of the most important things because the performance is on the head of it and the best seo consultant would keep himself on his toes every hour. You never know when an update will be released. However, of slack off few things we have provided few of the things that are going to be the decider for this year:-

  • Maintain The Spot On SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

The goal of every SEO professional is to reach the summit of ranking on SERP, but considering the vitality of the spot, reaching the top spot is laborious but maintaining that spot is more fruitful than anything else. And reaching that #1 rank would not be a goal of yours after reaching there because long gone are the days of grabbing the top spot. Now that top spot is already lost on the SERP, look at the things that SERP is accommodating. Ads, images, videos, tags, social media mentions, widgets, and what not. The #1 result is lost in the whole of the jumbleness of SERP. In fact, Google itself is a website, the result page exhibited by it is not just a SERP. 

The best thing you can do for your website, maintain the top spot, a day or another your website would grab the attention of the users and clicks would bring the trust of search engines and success would follow, unarguably. 

  • Loading speed

The competition among the website is brimming with many things and one of them is loading speed of the page. Everything around us is taking place at a fast-pace, from commute to delivery of your Amazon order we want everything at the top speed. And the society is so spoilt with the pace that even 1 second is too long to get a page loaded. Yes, one second is a glitch, and it can make you lose almost 40% of your potential clients. If you still want to play with fire, make one second three seconds and 80% of the people would never return to your website. 

Failure of SEO, indeed. Maybe thing could have been working for you so far, and if it has worked then it would not work anymore, or if you are happy with the mediocre feat of your website then it can be fine to say to keep up the work! 

  • Page relevancy

The ultimate goal of the search engines is to provide the best user experience. Or for what else they could be competing for. The real quest for Google is to find the best websites that can keep the users engaged, websites that are creating compelling content, top quality content, and delivering the throughout information on the searched subject. 

Google is providing the results that are more relevant to the search of the user in lieu of more safe results. The results then come from the extensive research of the content by the search engines on the websites. Wondering how Google has been doing it? LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Through LSI Google gathers the content from millions of website and scans the relevant terms to make its SERP best. 

You can look for the working of LSI and can check out the relevancy of the websites in your industry. However, this could be a long process. If you are interested in saving time, site audit is another option to resort. 

  • Voice Search

The evolution of voice search is yet to reach the saturation. Just like the last year it will keep on evolving and would become the search-darling by the end of the year. People prefer speaking over typing not just because it is faster because it could be more detailed. Voice recognition software is another feat that has added another layer to use it more than usual. People are now trusting and understanding the speech much more than ever. 

The emergence of voice search means you would need to go beyond keywords and phrases to attain the rankings. To rank among the best you would have to focus on the terms and phrases that are commonly spoken out. 

  • Smartphones 

Just like last year, where smartphones dominated the searches, this year would remain the same. Mobile would dominate searches, videos, music streaming and many things. Your work here is to create the web pages that are compatible with mobile view. Else, you would lose much of the ground to your competitors. The SEO for making the most of it could be found here top seo company in atlanta. Take the stride and make it yours. 

Now three quarters of this year are left. The best can be made by advancing and reading the trends, the existing can be destroyed by procrastinating and sleeping on the laurels. The call is yours though. Make your website compatible for mobile searches and speed up the loading of the website. Include social media on it and you would only reap the best in time to come. SEO strategies are needed the revision, with every passing quarter of the year is the new opportunity to find the flaws and amend them to the best.

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