Digging Deep: Is Keyword Clustering Really Important?


Digging Deep: Is Keyword Clustering Really Important?

Are you among those who are string optimizing “keyword strings”? Well, if you still do that, don’t expect yourself to be an alien! Most of the marketers has not updated their approach to SEO optimization. This lagging behind can make them loose some very significant opportunity for their business. Keyword clustering is part of the fast pace industry that is progressing to make SEO even more easier and comprehensive.

Single SEO has been in practice from a long time. Each page was needed to be optimized with keywords and its variations. This has been the practice that made brands rise on the google ranking and got better traffic. The method was and still effective and some of the most prominent tools uses single string method for keyword optimization. But the latest algorithms has expanded the scope beyond single topic focus. Chicago SEO services experts suggest that researching about right kind of keyword with a balance of popularity and intent of users cannot bring result these days. A content which has been made with indepth research is the one that can help in bringing success. Keyword clustering has been an essential part in bringing better position and traffic margin.

But what exactly is keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering in simple words can be said that grouping keyword under various categories. Keyword clusters can be obtained by common keyword modifiers which is how tools approach. These like themed keywords clusters can help in establishing the purpose and attract google crawlers.

Let us take example of keyword health diet plan. This keyword is highly competitive hence, keyword research tool is needed for finding other long tailed keywords.


The list of the related keywords are so huge that optimizing content for all these words is nearly impossible. Here, grouping the keywords work! Use any keyword grouping tool to get the cluster. Here we use serpstat which allow to copy paste the keyword into the tool

This tool is a keyword clustering system that does alot of work for you. Instead of just focusing on the centralized theme, serpstat uses its connection strength metrics which finds out how many identical URLs these search queries trigger. You can go for choosing between soft and hard clustering to find how closely search terms should be within one group.

How to optimize your content with keyword clustering?

You must be thinking that you will have to implement all the keywords mentioned in the cluster in your site content. Dallas SEO company consultant advice to look at the keywords grouping and take main concepts in your content. Each group of keyword cluster can act as a separate guide or can be used as subheadings within a article.

But never estimate keyword clustering as an optimization technique nor does it has new SEO optimization strategy. You will have to generate high quality, well researched content

How can keyword clustering can help you?

Keyword clustering can help in many ways. Instead of single phrase, targeting keyword clusters on page by page basis based on collection of theme will work in getting better ranking and high traffic. Apart from beter traffic, keywords clustering diversifies the tactics, the sophisticated algorithms need complex strategies to keep up with the pace of the industry.

Last note…

Categorizing keywords in several cluster will help in getting better hold in the niche market. It helps in covering many concepts and answer multiple questions within one page which earlier was not possible. Therefore, keyword clustering holds dominant role in making your content of the site much better, useful, trustworthy and comprehensive for people to understand and take action.

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