A Quick Checklist For Using Google Post To Stay Ahead In Competition


A Quick Checklist For Using Google Post To Stay Ahead In Competition

There are many who have heard about Google Post and there will be many more who has absolutely no idea about it. Google post has been one of the interesting features which is quiet underrated in recent years.

Google post was first used in 2016, US presidential election campaigns to showcase their views  of the politicians regarding several topics directly on search results. The ultimate goal for to make it easy for voters to understand which candidate stands for right thing. This system allowed the candidates to place their quotes for major topic of debates.

For many people like you and me, thought Google post as a social networking of some sort. However, in reality there was no networking aspect which was involved with Google post. By march 2016, Google post was used by business around the world. In present times, experts from local SEO services suggest that Google post are used by business to broadcast key informations right at the SERPs. It is dominantly used for sharing information related to:

  • Product 

  • Special offers

  • Announcements

  • Special events etc.

The purpose of Google post is to help local business to easily connect with their users from a given area.If users search for a business directly, the post is displayed in the area where the contact and location information is provided by listing on Google My Business.

For example:

This is one is similar in terms of products as well. In case the search term is broad, information is seen only when users clicks on certain business. These post remain visible for 7 days. Event post remain active till the day of the event.

Despite providing amazing benefits, Google post is relatively new for finding its adequate value in terms of SEO. these aspects are still under case studies and experimentation.

Google post is free service and can easily be managed from Google My Business. There are several methods that should be kept in mind while you ahead with using Google post for your business.

Let us follow the checklist that can guide your Google post efforts to work in favour of your business:

1. Captivating images

Experts from top local SEO company in Chicago views that any form of marketing requires the attention of the audience. In terms of Google post this is applicable, marketers should consider using highly attention grabbing images. If you use Google post for showcasing your product, them make they are in high quality. 

The ideal size of the image includes 750px x 750 px in JPEG or PNG files. Anything less that this size cannot be accepted.

It entirely depends upon the area of your business or product that can help you in taking a decision towards going for Google post.

2. Actionable headlines

Headlines has a huge role to play in the marketing world. Be it written for blogs, social media,emails or for any other type of content, the headlines is the one which attracts the reader’s attention towards the offerings.

A strong headline can provide a reason for people to find rest of the content. A great fascinating content body can remain unnoticed if it is not followed by an exceptional headline.

When it is about Google post, headline works as the heart of the operations. SERPs is the place where people look for quick information that they need. Your headline should be capable enough to convey people what you are offering and why people should care about what you offer.

The headline should be concise and attractive. However, depending upon the nature of the service coming up with a unique headline is not a easy task in itself. So keep on trying until you get that one perfect headline!

3. Short but informative description

On the SERPs there is a limited space of 80 characters which are used for writing description. You can write as much as you want but only the first 80 will be visible for users.

This means ideally marketers have one or two line to entice users to click and more about your brand. Your description should be attractive, crispe and SEO driven. Your description should give users idea about what the company is offering and why they should read further.

4. A clear call to action

Generally clear to action button is the most experimental thing in the marketing world. Whether it is place below the description or on headline or in any other place, CTA is meant to bridge the gap between various stages of the buyer’s journey.

In Google post, where word count is limited, the CTAs act like a cornerstone of the content. Make sure to keep it short and sweet. Avoid any kind of promotional jargons, they confuse users and also make them bounce out.

5. Click tracking

At the backend of Google post, the URL of the CTA button allow Google analytics to get information about the needs of the users once they get engaged with the content. Google post cannot naturally integrate in Google Analytics, therefore, it can be difficult to get actual insight that go much deeper than views and clicks within Google My Business.

For calculating the engagement rate, you will have to incorporate UTM code to track the success of the post in a better way.

6. Consistent scheduling

Google post has a shelf life for seven days. Before it is getting expired, Google sends notification.

If you want users engagement in your Google post, you will have to continuously post fresh content. For consistent fresh content, it is important to have a prior planning about the content which will be published and how often.

If you are promoting event by Google post than this 7 day barrier does not exist. Google will take it down after the event date listed. But if you using Google post for product or services promotion, then it is a wise decision to set the schedule appropriately to ensure there is always a fresh content which is displayed.


Google post are comparatively new, being an early adopters can help your business promotions. When it comes to writing for Google post, it is important that SEO friendly writing should be used. Use attention grabbing, crisp copy for your post to provide all the relevant information about the company and the product or event to the users.

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