Why do small businesses need a strong brand identity?


Why do small businesses need a strong brand identity?

Brand Identity is something which is as important for small businesses as it is for the large businesses. Though many businesses especially the small ones feel that having a brand is not so essential for the marketing their product and services. Some believe that it is something that only large companies need. And while some may go for a logo, they fail to understand that brand identity is much more than just the visual impression of your business.

Even you don’t have the logo, your business has the brand

Your brand identity comprises of the impression you make. It is about how you connect to your customers, what people have to say about your business, what makes your business special and what it is like to do business with your company.

While few small businesses understand the brand identity and the importance of branding to their marketing strategy there is an immense need for every small or large business to understand the benefits of it. There are plenty of benefits of having a strong brand identity and businesses should take advantage of one that helps in creating visibility and trust, especially when you are trying to drive to new customers to your business.

What is the brand Identity?

How people perceive your company is what constitutes a brand. Your brand communicates your business’s personality and values. It highly influences the way people think about your business and whether they want to do business with you or not.

It is the reflection of your business’s messages, promises, and values. It is everything you are, that value you deliver to your clients and customers and the total customer experience that help your customers to differentiate you from your competitors.

A good brand image helps in creating credibility and customers form an image that evokes positive feelings and drives them to do business with you.

How can you determine your brand identity?

If you have never bothered to thought about your brand and what people have to say about your business, then take some to determine if your brand is consistent with the messages and promises it delivers to the audience.

You can ask your customers what first comes to their mind when your business is mentioned.

If you hear these positive words like reliable, delivers quality, committed to excellence, provides value and within budget. Then it is a signal that your brand has developed and its time that you can and you should take your brand to the next level.

Whereas, if their responses seems to be negative like inconsistent, ambiguous, then it is clear sign that your business has a weak brand image and it needs improvements. Determine the areas where you need improvement and focus on marketing efforts that help generating your brand’s awareness.

Just remember that you make your brand identity by the experience you provide to your customers and it needs to be strengthened through your social media profiles, website, promotional and sales tools, messages, customer service and other aspects of doing business with your company.

Evolving your brand

According to the Kansas SEO experts, if you leverage the benefit of having a good brand image then it should continue to evolve with your business. Keeping it fresh will maintain the relevancy of your business for your customers.

Evolving your brand does not mean you have to change it. But rather you should be updating, clarifying and refreshing it as your business grows and evolves so that it aligns with the mission and values of your company. For instance, if you are having the same logo for the past several years, consider updating its look without changing the overall image it reflects.

If your brand identity is weak, consider reviewing your web presence and works towards building a strong online presence in order to get more qualified traffic to your business.

  • Ensure to maintain consistency across all your social media platforms as it helps in building credibility and trust. Inconsistency in your messages or your profiles can lead to confusion and deteriorate your brand’s image.

  • Obtain social proof by encouraging online reviews from your happy customers. No testimonial or reviews raise questions on the credibility of your brand.

  • Provide your target customers with the solution they are looking through highly informative content. This will enhance the expertise associated with your brand.

Having a strong brand identity ensures that you always deliver the best possible experience to you customers around every aspect of doing business with you.

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