Tug Of War: Content Marketing Vs Technical Seo, Which One To Focus?


Tug Of War: Content Marketing Vs Technical Seo, Which One To Focus?

In the world of digital marketing, every person is aware or at least heard about content marketing and technical SEO. These are considered as two different practices which are done on a site to bring better SEO influence and users on the website.

These two elements which we all generally consider two different aspects are actually complementary to each other.

Generally people consider both the components different as two of them require separate skills to deliver the work. Brands looking for an SEO experts seldom posses all the skills inclusive technical and content strategy, so at time one has to be prioritize.

Experts from SEO company California suggest content vs technical SEO is not exactly a war but it is more about the balance of ratio and weightage to be given each side for a balanced SEO approach.

This question may be annoying when asked to choose between the two. Usually people go for option such as it depends. The choice between content marketing and technical SEO depends on the current performance of the website targeted, the speed at which you want result,the size of the business and how much of the efforts made earlier.

Let us discuss in detail and find whether content or technical SEO is a solution for your site problem:

  • Current performance

The area of concern for a website depends on how good the site is performing and where it is under performing. The balance within technical SEO and content marketing depends on the area of the problem which the site is facing.

  1. Less site wide ranking: loss of ranking typically is a result of technical SEO issue, so technical SEO should be focused here.

  2. Internal cannibalization: If the ranking of your site pages suffer due to multiple pages ranking for same keyword, then one effective solution is to edit the content of the pages

  3. Product page not ranking: If product pages requires multiple options in terms of colour, shape, size and style and all the factors are controlled by users then probably technical issues are causing problem in crawling or indexing the product.

  4. Product pages with affiliates/stockist not ranking: if you sell product of another brand or work with affiliates and when these under perform, it is considered the result for duplicate content. The easiest solution is to revise the content and optimize the current website.

  • Speed of the results

Professionals from agencies providing SEO services in dallas suggest that it is really difficult to analyse if technical SEO or content marketing can provide faster results online as it is entirely dependent on sites overall performance.

In terms of site which does not get effectively crawled will struggle with technical challenges to get it noticed on site but it also rarely get new content crawled quickly. In order to fasten the result from content piece, it is necessary to implement required technical work meant for Google to effectively crawl and index the site.

It means in websites where technical SEO is already meeting the required standard, content will get faster results than adding any technical work. However, content has some major benefits for obtaining results quickly without relying on SEO. It can get very well support the branding need of the business and get traction from various other channels.

  •  Previous work

Like any other field of marketing, the law of diminishing return also works for technical SEO and content marketing. The result is visible when invested in technical SEO or in content marketing, if this one is your first step towards them. It is important to consider about the activities which are performed earlier on the site. 

A site which does not have any history of technical work may take sometimes for Google to accustom the changes made in the site. The impact of these changes will be huge as compared to any small tweaks made.

Like technical SEO, this also applied for content. If there is very little establishment for the content of the site or suitable information for the consumers then the previous piece of content will have huge impact.

A general rule of thumb

This rule may not be applicable for all the websites, the common way to approach towards SEO is to view the need of the website in terms of a pyramid. Technical SEO is kept at the bottom due the largest investment but not necessarily the most important for all in terms of long run.

As the time passes and website slowly evolves, the time given for each aspect of the site will switch to content and off site SEO needs, keeping the assumption that technical foundation for SEO and speed for content delivery are already in place on the site.

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