Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2020


Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2020

In order to ensure that your marketing strategy is not just up-to-date but also as effective as possible, staying abreast of the latest social media trends is crucial as it will provide you with massive opportunities. Social media is highly technologically-driven and the landscape of social media marketing is quite dynamic thereby making it pretty much difficult to keep up with. To keep up with the latest trends and innovations is essential not just in terms of technology but businesses that are driven by it. What might have worked a few months ago, might not guarantee you the same results today as social media is far from being static. 

To stay ahead in the curve when it comes to social media, social media marketing companies need to have the required tools, experience and skillset along with an up-to-date strategy. There has come a sea change in the manner how the consumers interact with the brands and also in their buying habits. Companies are indulging in new ways to engage with their customers and social media has got a gigantic role to play in the same. With access to technology becoming greater, the challenges have become bigger too! Wish to succeed on social media for the year 2020? Then, as a marketer at a social media marketing company, you need to know what trends will matter this year the most. So, let’s dive in:

  1. Storytelling has become a popular thing on social media - Millions of users on Instagram use Instagram stories and it has indeed become one of the most popular social media formats of today’s time. Whatsapp has created its own version of such stories and millennials are increasingly looking for such stories to obtain information regarding the brand’s offerings. So, as a brand or as a top social media marketing company, you should increase your focus towards creating such Stories. But the question is how to create stories that stay with users or at least let them halt for a while? Luckily, there are few powerful tools available nowadays that can help you create gripping stories that are not just interesting but engaging too!

  2. Influencer marketing is a big thing right now - Even those big brands and giant social media marketing companies cannot deny the power of those social media influencers. Brands are continuously keeping those social media influencers under the microscope. But to effectively use such influencers, social media marketing companies need to craft a crystal clear influencer strategy that integrates with the overall marketing strategy of the brand they are trying to market. But in today’s time, it is important for marketers to realize that those authentic influencers or nano-influencers with some just thousands of followers have more power over those “powerful” influencers like Kendall Jenner, etc. Smaller audiences are considered more meaningful and tend to provide engagement rather than those millions of “likes” which offer no guarantee to brands.

  3. Video content will continue to rule- Content is the king and videos have ruled the marketing segment for years. Video content is the most-shared content on the web and will continue to boom. The most active users are on Youtube just after Facebook who watch millions of TV hours every day on their screens. Instagram has emerged as the hub of those social media influencers taking those brands and social media marketers to Youtube in great numbers.TikTok or Instagram’s IGTV has taken video content and marketing to a whole new level and people connect with them in an instant. 

  4. Augmented Reality is providing marvelous opportunities- The concept of overlaying the virtual objects over that real-world surroundings and environment is what basically Augmented Reality (AR) is. With the continuous rise in the use of filters, AR has paved the way for the brands to enable their customers to see things in a real-world context. AR is an effective means to provide an immersive experience to the consumers and build more connections. With those “try and buy” features in applications, brands are able to provide comfort to their purchasers to buy their services or products after trying, that too from their homes. In-app shopping experiences by makeup and jewellery brands, in particular, have led users to shop and have fun at the same time. 

  5. Rise of Social Commerce is Inevitable - Social Media has provided massive opportunities to the brands to connect with their existing and potential consumers in the most interesting ways. Social Commerce has emerged as the new retail channel and the trend is going to get even stronger in the year 2020. Just like other mediums or channels like offline stores or websites, social commerce has become a mainstream medium to shop with brands continuously focusing on those shoppable posts. So, incorporating social commerce in the overall marketing strategy is what all the social media marketing companies should be doing this year 2020 for their respective clients. 

  6. Use of social media for customer service - Social media is no longer limited to connecting people and a platform where you can share pictures or videos. It is much more than that in today’s time! From being a retail channel to a platform for product discovery, social media has really evolved and shaped into something completely revolutionary. It has now emerged as a platform to provide customer service and big brands are leveraging it to reach their customers and address their grievances. The transition has happened over the period of years when people have started reaching their brands through social media. With the number of interactions growing manifold in recent times, brands and social media marketing companies have increased their focus towards social media by using it as a significant customer service channel.

With a sharp rise in the use of phones and social media, social media marketing companies and brands have got a voice to communicate with consumers and potential consumers. The importance of social media as a marketing channel is growing at warp speed. But, the trends keep on changing too! So, if you are about to hire one of the top social media marketing companies anytime soon, for your business, even you need to keep in mind the above-mentioned social media trends that will rule the year 2020. Having an idea about how social media can impact your potential market and incorporating them into your marketing strategies, can certainly help you emerge as a market leader for your offering. 

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