Top 7 digital marketing skills that are in high demand


Top 7 digital marketing skills that are in high demand

Digital marketing is most remunerative in the modern digital world. You can reach millions of people around the globe with your product, service or with your mission within hours.

Here are some stats to show how rapidly digital marketing industry is growing.

  • 33% of traffic from Google’s organic search results go to the first item listed. 

  • Around 50% of companies use content marketing techniques.

  • Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 156%.

  • Social marketing budgets will double over the next 5 years.

  • 67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing strategy.

This puts digital marketing skills in high demand to the businesses of any shape and size. Whether you are in an established business or a startup, digital marketing skills are essential.

Digital marketing is vast pond, therefore its tough to master in all aspects of digital marketing. There are important sub-skills in digital marketing you can choose to get expertise on.

  • SEO Specialist

  Some people have this myth that seo is dead, but the truth is, it is as important now as it was earlier. 93% of online experiences begin with search engine. 80% people ignore paid ads and focus on organic results. So SEO is important to get visibility in search results.

Due to the changes in Google's search algorithm, SEO has changed and continuously evolving with the new updates of changes in Google’s algorithm. So its note at all easy. To be an expert of SEO you have to keep yourself update and passionate so that you can understand the importance of providing value to the customer in addition to the technical side of things. 

In the evolving world of SEO, there is high demand of this skillset who has genuine interest in SEO. Get the best seo services in delhi to achieve great search engine optimization.

  • PPC Specialist

There are many businesses generating high amounts of revenue who want to expand their reach through paid advertising but don’t know how to properly utilize that money to ensure that it generates a high ROI. That’s where the demand of PPC marketing arises.

The ultimate goal of PPC is to help a company’s website reach rank #1 within Google by bringing in targeted, high quality traffic. This is the most difficult and complicated job and this is why it is one of high-paying marketing jobs in the market. You need to have a strong grasp of maths, analytics and marketing strategies.

  • Social media Expert

Social media has become the most powerful tool for modern marketing world over the past decade. The number of people using social media is increasing very rapidly. In that case many big companies are investing on this marketing strategy to get more leads. Thus demand of social media marketing expert is also increasing to as there is lot more than just promoting content over Facebook. To be an expert you need to master each platform means you should understand the types of posts, the best times of day to post that generate the most user engagement, and the ways to use different platforms to achieve the goals.

You should also know how to leverage paid social media marketing.

You need to develop an understanding of color psychology, analytics, copywriting and visual marketing. This is no easy task.

As it is difficult to master social media marketing, it has become one of the most sought after and highly paid digital marketing positions.

Assure clients you can generate measurable results that will grow their businesses through social media, and you will be sumptuously rewarded

  • Mobile Marketing

While there are lot similarities between desktop and mobile marketing, there are enough dissimilarities also which have made mobile marketing in high demand. With the increasing number of mobile users it has become important to understand the differences and develop the mobile marketing techniques that benefit the business. You should be able to talk intelligently on SMS and responsive design strategies.

One of the great things about mobile marketing jobs is that they are exceptionally less competitive than SEO or social media marketing jobs but are still a vital need for most businesses. Mobile marketing is difficult to master but if you can then you will make a markable position in digital marketing field.

  • Analytics

It is among the most important aspect of digital marketing skillset. Without testing, tracking the results and analyzing the data you can go nowhere. It is essential to analyze understand the situation to determine how you can improve and overcome on marketing plateaus. To know the faults and lacking points you have to be a good analyst so that you can learn and improve.

  • Content Marketing

To engage audience in a business it has become vital to provide them with the interesting ,relevant, informative content. This is where demand of content marketing and management comes from. It is very essential to follow content marketing strategies especially for startups to make that connection with customers and engage them in their business. If you can learn how to create incredible content for companies and then market that content to the point of it going viral, you’ll prove to be one of the most valuable assets for those companies.


  • UX Designers

UX Designers ensures that product, websites and other online platforms are easy to use and provide customers with a pleasant experience. It is very much important to take of user experience of your website into account as this what make them spend time on your website and probably makes repeat visitors. If customers can’t easily access, navigate, and use your website and products, all of other marketing efforts will be in vain. Working with seo company in bhopal would help in better optimisation of your site to drive more traffic to your business.

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