Top 5 Reasons That Every Brand Should Have Instagram Presence


Top 5 Reasons That Every Brand Should Have Instagram Presence

The internet is becoming a must-have element in the lives of every individual, business entities and for everything that exists today. The Internet has gained an immense popularity within a decade. Few years before, the internet wasn’t even known to a lot of people, but today even a 4-year kid knows what the internet is? What can be done through the internet? For them, the internet is all about playing games, watching fairy tales or grandma stories on youtube whereas, for young entrepreneurs of the SEO company in USA, the internet is a means of earning their livelihood. Most of the young entrepreneurs believe in entering the digital marketing industry with an aim for quick success and growth in their career.

Well, digital marketing goes parallel to social media marketing and therefore, it is important for every business brand to have its social media presence on all or at least one social media network. Also, it is imperative for brands to strictly have an active presence on prominent network ‘INSTAGRAM’ because it is one and the only channel that has more positive factors and fewer negatives as compared to other social media networks. According to the SEO company UK experts, Instagram is a platform that has millions of active users among whom you can promote your brand efficiently.

These top 5 reasons will tell you how much it is important for every brand to have an Instagram presence to achieve success within a short span of time:

  • Pictures tell a story

Instagram is a social media network that allows you to share photographs and videos related to your brand on your Insta account. In a nutshell, Instagram is a source to visually share content that can perfectly define your brand and the user can understand what your brand is all about. The brands have the option to get more creative with their visuals so that there is an assurance that more and more people will get attracted towards your brand. Be clear and concise while delivering your brand’s message to your audience.

  • Turn followers into potential clients

Make sure that your brand aims at gaining more and more followers because like every social media channel, Instagram and its success depend entirely on the number of followers. The more followers you have on your Insta account the more will be the chances of getting conversions. Not all but many of them will get impressed with your visually marketing campaign and will make a purchase from your website.

  • Communicate and connect globally

Instagram allows you to connect with a large number of people not only within a city or a country but all around the globe. Thus, Instagram helps a brand to expand its reach within a wider area. You can communicate with around 400 million active users located locally and globally. If you want to instantly attract people to your website, make sure that you prefer catching their attraction and connecting with like-minded people using simple yet appealing images. Apart from these images, make sure that you proactively use hashtags that are relevant and useful for your brand to communicate and connect with active users across the globe.

  • Instagram is not yet saturated

Instagram is far different from other social media channels and therefore, it is an open platform where brands of all industries are allowed to develop and build their own niche. Thus, it is a platform that is not yet affected by anything and follows its own policies.

  • Become ‘Insta-Famous’

Instagram is a platform that allows you to develop a fanbase by increasing the number of followers. Once you get the desired amount of followers on your account, consider launching careers of various brands and public figures. It means that consider promoting various brands and public figures using your brand’s Instagram account.

  • Promote your events easily

Instagram is a broader platform wherein you can gain business exposure both locally and globally. Promote the events hosted or sponsored by your brand using your Instagram account. Get creative with the content and induce your followers to participate in your event. It is advisable for you to use relevant and effective hashtags with your content so that your post can reach a maximum number of people. Also, you can add the location where your event is going to take place along with your post. It is a platform that is quick and instantaneous to easily share posts that are related to your brand. It will help you drive more engagement and sales to your brand.

  • Instagram is mobile friendly

Instagram is the only social media platform that is purposively designed for smartphones. If you have ever tried of accessing Instagram on a desktop or a laptop it might be a bit confusing and complex for you. Instagram is very mobile friendly as it is designed and intended to be used on mobile devices only. 

Since mobile devices are handy, it makes the use of Instagram easier. You can instantly share live updates with your followers and this will help you drive better engagement and increases the chances of sales generation.

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