Thinking Beyond Google Analytics:Top 10 Seo Analytics And Reporting Tool Available For Your Business


Thinking Beyond Google Analytics:Top 10 Seo Analytics And Reporting Tool Available For Your Business

Analytics and reporting tools are an important critical part of SEO campaigns. Analytics help to prove worth to clients and are also essential in making improvement to the campaign. Seo reporting is helpful in comprehending a myriad of data and countless online platform tool. Google analytics is a great place to begin with tracking and conversion of traffic. When looking for a analytics and reporting tool, it is very important that focus should not be on ranking. Looking at ranking only cannot be a great help. To get a serious metrics, professionals need that dig deep and show result in away that is tangible.

This post is dedicated in providing best free and paid tools for SEO reporting and analytics.

Free tools

Search console

Consultants from California SEO agencies suggest that search console is the best to identifying site error,crawl error, structured data, HTML improvement and security issues etc. It is useful for exploring search analytics for a given site. This tool is important for understanding most popular search term to find a website and the corresponding click through rate.

Neil Patel SEO analyzer

SEO analyzer is a free and handy tool for analysing the quick indication of website’s overall SEO performance. It provides metrics that are similar to other free tool including onsite issues, backlinks, and keyword analysis.

The tool provide recommendation which are made in priority of high, medium or low. It is the most handy tool for obtaining a top line overview.


This tool provides overarching set of analytics presented via a clear and simple grading system. The grades are divided into five sections to identify problems from various problem area such as SEO, usability, performance, social and security. According to chicago SEO company experts recommend that the tool list all the key points of analysis and provide commentary on how the site with simple cross system. It is ideal for getting quick insight and analytics for your website.

Paid tool


Woorank is also available for free but the paid tool provide comprehensive website review that covers most of the on site requirements. The most distinctive feature of woorank tool is apart from any other facility, it provides tailored tips for increasing traffic and boosting conversion. Conversion is the main goal of most SEO campaign, any tool that offer a way of improving metrics is the winner.

Woorank tool provide the privilege to users to set a goal which can help users to set their performance benchmark for reporting. Setting goal is very important especially  when it is about client project. Woorank provide tangibility to the company working for the campaign and for the clients as well.


SEMRush is a tool that provide a wide spectrum of functionality for different services. In terms of reporting, this tool provide advantage of in-depth analysis from the position tracking of the on page SEO checker. Along with detailed insight, this tool also provides recommendation for immediate action. SEMRush tool allow to create a quick drag and drop report. This report can be personalized and generated for each client that helps in getting a detailed analysis and report within a very short span of time.


If you need a tool for your link building analysis, rely on Majestic. This tool helps in diving deep into the link analytics, including showing metrics of trust flow, citation, backlink breakdown, anchor text analysis and backlink history,

Majestic can provide fairly accurate and comprehensive backlink analysis as it has the largest commercial backlink index. As a sole backlink analytics and reporting tool, majestic enjoys very low level of competition.

Raven tool

Reporting the SEO efforts manually is one of the most tedious and cumbersome process. It requires specifying multiple things which makes practically a very frustrating. The saviors to this manual labour is raven tool. Raven tool provides generating the whole marketing report which looks fantastic and highlight every needed aspect. Apart from reporting raven tool can identify the faults in your SEO efforts and suggest subsequent fixes as well.

Moz analytics

Moz is incredible in proving a great users interface which is easy and completely comprehensive. Some SEO tools may look daunting but in Moz tool, the incredible visualization make it hot favourite among users. Moz always manage to make SEO accessible. Moz analytics helps in analysing domain authority, spam score and much more. There are many other performance metrics for the ongoing SEO efforts which can analysed by Moz analytics

Other marketing tools

Apart from SEO, there are many other aspect of marketing mix that are seldom overlooked. It is important to consider and analyse the marketing efforts widely. Therefore, here’s a list of tools which can help in other marketing strategies apart from SEO.


Hotjar tool helps in analysing how users are going about in your website. This metrics is found with the help of heatmaps, recordings, form analysis and conversion tools. Analysing a customers journey is highly essential apart from analysing the SEO efforts. The information obtained from hotjar can utilized to enhance the SEO campaign and bring high conversion

Social reporting tool

Social media and SEO may not be similar but work for the each other. A SEO campaign cannot be expanded without using the help of social media. Some pais tools like SEMRush has social media analytics integration that helps in analysing these metrics. It is essential to use tool that can help in overall analysis of your every effort.


There are many kinds of SEO tools such as advanced web ranking and authority labs but trend has to be focused on keyword and rank tracking. The tools which are listed here are highly beneficial to shape your strategies and get better ranking.

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