Pro tips: How to Audit your Paid Advertising Strategy for 2017


Pro tips: How to Audit your Paid Advertising Strategy for 2017

Paid advertisement is an effective way to sell your products faster inorganically. Though its a faster way to make sales but, it requires a heavy budget. And if you do not have proper paid advertising strategy it can easily draw a heavy budget without bringing anything in return. 

When it comes to online advertisements, most businesses invest their budget into Google Adwords. You need to be very smart and creative when you do bidding. Your cost should be low and you should stay away from the costly bidding wars with competition. 

So how can you make paid advertisements lucrative?According to Boston seo experts, you should pay attention to the following-

  • Keyword Analysis

You must do proper keyword analysis before targeting. Make sure that you are targeting the right keywords. Are you targeting potentially related and long-tail keywords?Are you filtering out the negative keywords? And also check what keywords your competitors are targeting. It can help you find more keywords to target. 

  • Targeting Analysis

Targeting should be your most focused area. There are several targeting options like demographics, Geographic regions, device type. These all are critical factors for successful Adwords campaign. Let’s have a look at some essentials checks in target analysis-

  • You need to check which devices and regions and cities are converting at the highest rate. Once you find the most converting regions, cities and devices that work for you, set up new campaigns by allocating maximum budget on them for a better ROI. 

  • Also find out the best time of day during which your ad gets maximum clicks and conversions. One you discover that time, activate your ads during that time and save the cost at other times. Also, you can set up separate campaign by allocating maximum budget to get maximum clicks or conversions. 

  • Quality score

    Use targeted main keyword in your ad headline, to make it more relevant and increase conversions.
    One of the most important factors for successful Adword Campaign is ad relevancy. As’ quality score indicates how relevant your ad for Adword system is Google measures the quality score through ad’s CTR and the copy of ad and the landing page. Quality score directly influences your Cost per Click(CPC) and ad’s ranking in the Google, so you need to make it the most important factor to focus on. While its difficult to find the exact metrics that Google considers to calculate your ad score but a known metrics is your CPC. Below are some tricks to optimize your ad for better ROI. 

  • Write a catchy description to attract and persuade more people.

  • Add a clear call to action to get a higher CTR.

  • Benefits like Free Delivery, Warranty, Discount,  etc. should be clear in your ad.

  • URL should be short and relevant and should consist of your target keyword. You can skip Http/s and www to get more space for your keyword.

  • Ad optimization

You should consider optimizing your blog by performing A/B split tests. You need to test your ad by changing your headlines and description. A little tweak can help you get better clicks and higher conversion. Perform multiple A/B test with your ads and identify the best ad that converts well and allocates your budget for that ad to get maximum ROI. 

  • Landing page optimization

Optimizing your ads is just not enough you also need to optimize your landing page. It may possible that user can bounce back after visiting your landing page due to poor design, content, or irrelevancy etc. So its necessary to optimize your landing page using best practices. Below are some tips to optimize your landing page -

  • Your landing page copy should be relevant and clear to users that are landing from your ad. They should feel that they are at the right place.

  • Landing page copy should be concise and clear.  Avoid adding unnecessary information on your landing page so that your visitors do not get confused.

  • A clear call to action should be there on your landing page, so that the visitors can easily buy products or services that you are offering.

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