Look at these 3 ways to use customer’s past behaviour to predict about the future!


Look at these 3 ways to use customer’s past behaviour to predict about the future!

See, no one gets a crystal ball which is always ready to tell you that who’s going to buy what stuff from you, and in how much quantity, and when. Does it mean that you have to wait around to check out what a customer is going to do? Of course not!

 You can learn many things about your customers by noticing their habits, just simply take a past visits to your site, and soon you will be able to predict what they are going to do next. It’s just a thing of knowing what information you want and when to make use of it.

  • From Search to Landing Page

One of your best friends which helps you to determining the behavior of your customer predictions is your all time favourite Google AdWords account. This helps to determine all the keywords your intended buyers searched, which of them searches resulted in the clicks through to your website, and which of the, clicks through resulted in sale.

Once buyers have clicked from Google AdWords to the landing page on your website, you can then make use of that information to make a clear path from start to purchase. After all, you know already well that what they’re searching for. They had been told you when they searched on Google for it. Should you slow them down to find their queries by leading them to a generic landing page? By generating more clicks rather than directing them right to the shopping cart and checkout by choosing the best best shopping cart seo? Of course not. When a buyer tells you what they need to make a purchase, you remove all the hindrances.

  • From Social Media to Website

It’s quite difficult to pin down reason of the visitor to stopping by when they visit your social media channels. The most difficult among all is to get a click to the address at your company’s profile. You can think that social proof is significant to that buyer and can react accordingly, but you would not get much more related data than that.

Clicks from some specific social media posts, though, could tell you a bit more about the thought process of your buyers. Did they visit at your page to read your particular blog? You may surmise that they’re searching for more information. Did they click at the image of your hottest products? Maybe that they were in the market for one among those available products, or maybe they just need to know what the latest trends are going.

Take notice of every action performed by the social marketing companies, since it will help you to narrow down the information you require, so never give up. The more information you have related to the past behavior of your visitors, the easier you can forecast that where they are likely to go next. 

  • From First-Time Buyer to Loyal Shopper

Last purchases give you an insight into buyer behavior. That’s why you can’t think that the transaction has been completed once you’ve received payment. 

The information which you have collected after this purchase will shoe what you should know to move forward. Was it the purchase for a gift or something important to the buyer? Did the buyer took huge amount of time to make a decision, which you can conclude by looking if it has multiple visits, comparisons he has made between your products.

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