Impact of Coronavirus on Internet Marketing


 Impact of Coronavirus on Internet Marketing

From the last month, we have been informed about the deadly Coronavirus which is being spread through the people and now has grasped the complete world drastically. It has a great impact on the world’s economy and on the business of every person in the world. This also includes online business & internet marketing that we use to sell the services and the products. The depth of the impact is still not predicted but it’s indicated that the effect can ripple the world’s economy in half if the same trend is followed.

The number of people that are being infected is increasing day by day. The virus which is originated from China has taken the world down at the moment. The below data shows how much does it affecting the innocent lives from all over the world as per the latest data and which is surely going to increase in the coming days. 

Coronavirus Statistics

Shop from Home 

The most infected people are from Wuhan, China and it looks like the desert all around as people are not risking their lives to get on the road. The same scenario is followed in every country where the coronavirus has already hit. But people still need the basic needs and supplies in their homes. So, the government is reluctant for people to leave their homes & requesting to shop online. This makes online marketing very essential at times. With more online shopping more business of online vendors is surely going to increase

What to do if your business is affected by Coronavirus?

At many places, due to government regulations, business is affected. It depends on the severity of the virus at a particular location. In such cases, you can let your customers know that you have made the changes to your daily operations Google can help you in figuring out such situations.

Now let us get back to the effect of the virus on Internet Marketing.

Conference Cancellation

Conference Cancellation is the second hit of the worst-case scenarios as the people from the white-collar market are not risking their lives for the business. This is another reason why the global market has hit a new low. Now the businessmen are looking to hold the conference online to not to stop the market and their services. This plays an important role in internet marketing and surely is going to increase online video calls and it’s advertising.

  • Adobe canceled its annual live summit because of growing concerns about the coronavirus. 

  • REV’d up media summit will also take place online to prevent the spread of the virus. 

  • HIMMS, a health technology conference in Orlando is also canceled with the chances of being help online.

  • Facebook has canceled it’s annual global marketing Summit in San Francisco, which was supposed to host 5,000 people. 

  • The Game developers event in the US is also canceled as companies as Sony and Microsoft pulled out of the event. 

This is surely the confusing & bad times and online conference is the best idea to keep up with the business. 

Less Travelling 

Transport companies are in Distress because of the Coronavirus as people from all around the world are avoiding to travel to any place on the Earth. Expedia is expected to lose $30 - $40 million dollars online because of the effects of the virus. Less traveling has also impacted the local business in the restaurant and hospitality niches. Prices of the flight tickets are all-time low & it’s will definitely going to hit the global market strong. 

Export and Import of the Products 

China exports it’s goods all over the world, but since the exchange of goods is stopped the price of every product that comes from another country has been increased. The in house production of the products are also costly and people are paying a lot for them rather than the usual amount. It’s been recorded that over 25% of shipment is canceled due to Coronavirus in the US only. 

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country

The coronavirus is affecting 132 countries & territories around the world and 1 International Conveyance.

Coronavirus Impact on SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization help with ranking the pages higher on the search engines. But what you’ll do with the top ranking if there are no sales.  The same happened in the 2008 recession, sales were collapsed across the wide range of the industries. 

This leads to a drop in clients as they can’t afford the services of internet marketing consulting. In such scenarios, many companies keep earning but they need to give discount fees for that. So, as per the data suggests the internet marketing has declined rapidly is contributing to the global slowdown. 

How to Stay Safe from Coronavirus in this Deadly Scenarios?

Even if you feel a mild fever you need to rush to the nearest doctors for the coronavirus test. It’s important to stay away from the people when you are sick as it can spread to your loved ones too. Here we have a few important information that you need to follow.

Now, everyone needs to take care of themselves and stay safe from Coronavirus. We hope it ends soon & so does the economic crisis caused by it. 

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