How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines


How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

For this, you need to submit your website and if it turns out to be informative, then this link is indexed in the Google search results. In short, top search engines are highly efficient in finding out new web pages only if these pages are linked to some other pages on the internet.

Reasons to Submit to Search Engines

Google and other search engines do not trust on manual submission of the website. The original way of finding the new websites and the newly launched pages is crawling. 

Crawling is defined as the process of finding out new content on the internet with the use of an automated system called crawlers or robots. 

Here are the main key points, of why you should manually submit your website to the web search engine:

  • Inform the search engines about the website directly :

Submitting the website via methods explained below allows you to tell google significant information about the website. Mainly about the content update and important alterations on the website.

  • Easy improvement chance:

By submitting your website, you get access to the various tools that can help you improve the structure of your website. Moreover, you can inform them that the content has been updated on the website, and needs to be crawled again.

  • Sense of Satisfaction: 

This is a procedure of making your website exist in the market. By following the SEO strategy for the website, submitting your website to the search engines plays a significant role in the overall crawling of the webpage.

How to Submit your Website to Search Engines On Google & Bing

Before you proceed further,  let’s start with the procedure for your website search engine submission. Here are a few things you need to consider while submitting your website to all search engines.

Backend access is not necessary to submit the website to the search engine, but it will help you in the future if you want to do some modifications later on.

For example:

You require basic information about the website :

  • To proceed further, your website needs to have a sitemap. 
  • To continue with the listing process of the website, your website may demand a robot.txt file.
  • If there are no Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools implemented, you need to apply them to crawl your website on the search engine google.

With access to the site, you can add them as per your feasibility.

You can submit your website using the two tools, namely:

  1. Google Search Console

  2. Bing Webmaster tool

1. Google Search Console

You need to ensure by setting up a search console and the ownership of the website before submitting it to Google.

Google Search Console

For the verification of the website, firstly, you need to verify the domain name ownership via DNS record. It is the most advisable method of verifying because you can leave the DNS record forever, and it does not add any extra code to your website.

If you don’t want to verify your website this way, then you can try an alternative way to verify the account.

2. Bing Webmaster tool

Bing makes setting up the Webmaster tools a very easy task. If your search console is already set up, then you can import your details of the websites.

Google Search Console

Once you signed up for the same, just use the import option. This is an easy way to register your website into the Bing webmaster tool.

As you have already signed up now let's continue further to submit the website on a different platform.

How do I Submit My Website to Google

It is a very easy task to submit new websites to search engines like Google. The only way to submit your website is by adding the sitemap to the Google Search Console.

You need to follow these steps to submit your website on the Google Search Console:

Locate your XML Sitemap :

A sitemap is an XML file that numbers all the pages of the website. It can normally be seen in the below example :

Example :

Once you have found the sitemap of your website, then you can proceed further to the next step.

You are required to add your sitemap to Google Search Console :

  1. For this, you need to open the Google Search Console

  2. Under the Index tab, click on the sitemaps.

  3. Here, you need to insert your website sitemap URL address and click on Submit button.

  4. If you have multiple sitemaps, repeat the same process for each of the sitemaps you need to add under the submitted list.

If you want to know more about SEO-friendly websites, then read this blog to create more traffic to your website. 

Nowadays, publishers are no longer required to submit their websites to check for their eligibility for the Google News app and website.

If you need to submit a Single page URL to Google :

If you just want to submit a single page to Google, then you need to follow the following steps:

In the Search Console Window,

  • You need to head to the URL inspection section.

  • Then paste the page URL you want to index on Google.

Note- If the page is not indexed, Google Search Console will display a message that the “URL is not on the Google”. 

How to Fix Indexing Issues

To fix the indexing issue, you need to follow the steps below:

  • To get your website crawled on the search engine, just click on Request indexing.
  • If the page is indexed, you will see ‘URL is on Google’.
  • If you have recently updated content and want Google to re-crawl the page, you can clock on the ‘Request Indexing’ tab.
  • This will index those pages on Google for displaying in the search result. 

How to Verify that your Page is on Google

To check if the page is successfully submitted and indexed, just search your web address on Google. If Google has accepted the alteration; crawled the webpage and indexed it properly, then it will show up in the search results. 

You can try searching the data of your website by copying it and pasting it on the Google search. If your page is indexed on Google, it will show up in the search results.

Another way, you can use is the search operator command “site:” in google.


How do I Submit my Website to Bing

If your website is designed on WordPress, it is an easy way to submit your website on Bing search engine using their Bing URL Submissions plugin.

The search engine is free to use and easy to activate, the plugin will automatically submit your brand-new or updated website directly to the Bing search index after adding your API key:

There are some new features that the browser offers, such as:

  • Based on the requirement of the individual, the automatic submission feature can be altered using toggle ON and OFF.
  • The search engine optimization offers manual URL search engine submission.
  • To keep the track of the pages you submitted on the website, you can view recent URLs submitted through the plugin.
  • The option to search for the links and to re-submit recent URLs.

You can also submit your website to search engines other than Google and other browsers.

Note – Presently, 

  • The Yahoo Site Explorer is outdated and has been replaced by Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • does not allow users to submit sitemaps for any of the websites.


To wrap up this article, Google and Bing search engines will help you find your website even if you don’t submit it to any of the search engines. But it is always important to manually submit your website because it provides extra information to the search engine. It is also essential to re-submit web pages after updating or some modifications, as it tells the search engine bout the updated information.

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