How to show the values of Long Term SEO Strategies


How to show the values of Long Term SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process over the changing terms and conditions of the internet world. It includes many short terms and long terms strategies to get the best results. However, the problem which the best SEO companies in the world are facing these days is to explain their clients the value of long term SEO strategies.

Now, Long term SEO strategies here means those strategies which need some time to show their results, which includes subdomain transitions, link-building programs, Schema recommendations, HTTPS implementation and more. For example, if we talk about HTTPS implementations, it is obvious that getting the site secured takes time because it is a long term transitioning work.

But the clients nowadays have become totally impatient, they just need quick results. So, it becomes important for the SEO providers to show the short terms values of those Long Term strategies to their respective clients. The question is, how to do it? Here are few ways that might help you to show the values of long term SEO recommendations, let’s have a look at them :

  • Use Case Studies - One way that can help in making the clients believe in the long-term plans is by giving them examples by using case studies. If we see that whatever has already been done is put in front of the client then they will have a better understanding of what is being said to them. For example, if you are finding it difficult to make a client understand about HTTPS and the time it takes, then you can use case studies related to HTTPS so that your client can understand. Adding real information along with your strategies can be very impactful, also tell your clients what strategies their competitors are using. If you can prove that 75% of the rivals are using a certain long term strategy, it becomes highly likely that your client will take interest in that.
  • Make use of Test Cases- Another thing which can be done apart from using case studies is the use of test cases. Test cases can be termed an the trail case where you try to make the client understand about something by making a demo case where you can apply that strategy. These kind of cases will surely help as they will provide a beta version of that long term situation and all its possible outcomes. Hence, using these kind of cases can be very handy for the SEO company who wants to provide the best SEO services to its clients. So, if you are trying to prove the value of something then make its test case, a client is more likely to test a situation before making any long time investments into it.

  • Sell your small wins- When you know that your long term strategies might take some time to show the results, then you can keep your client interested in them by selling small wins related to it to the client. These small good to go factors will aid up in the way to make them believe in your strategies. Have a look at the following ways to show organic improvements.
  1. Search Query Data- Make use of the Google Search Console to gather the information about different search queries and set of different keywords. It helps in a way that when we create a content strategy related to a specific keyword and then we provide our client the facts about the traffic generation using a that keyword then it will help them to know their possible growth
  2. Conversion Rates-  Conversion Rate is one of the most overlooked part in SEO. However, it might be tough to measure as a whole but when broken down properly it provides some important insights.

The Conclusion:

Finally it can be said that although it is difficult for the SEO agencies to get the buy ins because of the long term strategies but these strategies have a great effect in the long run. So, follow the above steps to tell your clients about the value of those long term strategies and how they can be useful. 

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