How To Escape Google Penalties By Creating A Natural Link Landscape?


How To Escape Google Penalties By Creating A Natural Link Landscape?

Despite having so much strictness and trackings from Google, there are still some SEO practitioners who think that practicing spammy and risky technique can trick the search engine and reach at the top of SERPs.

It is a known fact that Google shall never entertain any malpractice and they will get caught levied with serious penalties.

This post is all about why Google would levy penalty and how these penalties can be avoided.

Let us begin:

Google Manual Action

Google has many different types of penalties officially known as manual action for website which use spam practices. Some of the major manual actions are:

  • Hacked websites

SEO las vegas professionals consider this to be the most common type of website compromise. Hackers uses bad practices to target the most vulnerable and outdated websites to attract traffic to malicious websites. As the users data can easily hacked or misused, thus, Google takes a manual action against these websites.

  • Snippet spam

This kind of spam is referred to be structured data spam and involves in marking content which are highly irrelevant, invisible and misleading.

  • Thin content

Content has always been an important part of a websites and its corresponding ranking on SERPs. Therefore, Google pay a very keen eye on the kind of content generated by each website. Google tends to penalize sites who use thin content which has very low quality such as 

  1. Thin affiliate pages

  2. Cookie-cutter sites

  3. Doorway pages

Google simply devalue the section which contain thin content, thus, you lose ranking rather than giving penalty.

  • Paid and spammy link development

There are people who wants to complete every kind of work faster and for that they seek help from link spam. According to professionals from SEO service in Kansas suggest that normal link building task requires a slow, steady and natural base. Since, link building is a time taking process,people opt for spam link development while being aggressive and putting commercial links at an stake to get faster results.

How To Recover From Google Penalties?

In order to neutralize the negative impact of link based penalties from Google, it is important to go for link cleanup and disavowal.

Some of the link cleanup tool which can used are:

  • Link detox

  • Ahrefs

  • SEMrush

  • Kerboo

You can start by creating a link cleanup metrix. The link cleanup tool mentioned above can make it easy to create a disavow file that can be uploaded to Google Search Console. After that consider sending Google, the reconsideration request.

For recovering from manual penalty may take up to one month, even after removing links and sending multiple reconsideration request.

The negative SEO impact

Apart from the above spam practices, some of the websites might become the target of negative SEO attack such as a sudden backlink spike in the link profile which consist of spam anchor text and low quality domain.

In order to get recovered from the impact of negative SEO, submit a disavowal file to Google and request for reindexing the important pages of your website.

How To Avoid Link Penalties?

 You can easily avoid link penalties by tracking some key industrial metrics. These metrics are not encourage by Google and in fact used by it, however, they can help you understand your website link profile.

  • Moz domain authority

  • Ahref domain authority

  • Majestic citation flow

  • Majestic trust flow

How To Spot Unnatural Looking Links?

Unnatural links are characterized by following:

  • Low trust flow or citation flow style metrics

  • These links target URLs that are linked to small selection of pages

  • Those links which targets that link into index and category page

  • Using same style of anchor text, especially commercial style

  • Links which are built on very narrow selection of topics

  • Client sites which are often referenced as natural by other sites suddenly starts getting many links

  • If it does not have any linkable assets on the website to make reference

What more can be done?

Make sure to have a natural link landscape

A natural link profile owns link from various positions like images, subdomains, nofollowed links and much more. A natural link landscape grows itself with each passing of time and subsequently the traffic also increases.

Don’t go for over optimization of anchor text

Natural links generally don’t have keyword rich anchor text. In general, the top anchor text term should be the brand terms which is your site name.

Make sure that your links should look natural on the page

Links should appear within context or else it becomes spammy. It should appear in the text where relevant to users and it should never be made hidden.


When you search for link opportunities, it is always good to through link metrics as it can prove to be a good guide. Apart from that, you should not miss the sites because they don’t meet the exact threshold.

Your sites relevancy combined with a clean backlink profile can help in identifying a seedling site. Such kind of sites are good for the future because as they grow, they tend to generate trust flow and citation flow. 

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