How to drive more traffic on LinkedIn?


How to drive more traffic on LinkedIn?

In a recent study by best digital marketing agencies, almost 50% of existing company followers accepted that they are more likely to buy products and services from a company or a brand they engage with on their LinkedIn profile!

This means that an by being actively present on your LinkedIn profile can help your business to get more traffic and likely to improve users engagement.

In this ever growing competition, it is really hard for businesses too, to attract their audience and make them like their page, brand, product or services by their tweets. But once your audience has been attracted towards your page, it is relatively easy for you to achieve success. If you didn’t optimize LinkedIn to promote your brand, it’s a time to start it now. If you are already on the LinkedIn and want to attract more traffic, here are the tips which can help you to bring lots of traffic.

#1. Hold LinkedIn Groups to Find Engaging Content 

“Catch your audience, where they live!”

People will click like button on your LinkedIn page, if they come to know about your page. Best way to connect to your audience is to join the other group by your official Page instead of joining with your personal account.

Group will allow you to promote your page through any post or comment. When your audience place their mouse on your name, they will more likely to like your page by your engaging content.

#2: Post Status Updates Often

Other sites and other blogs could help you to generate traffic, but you should also build traffic through LinkedIn itself. According to the best social media marketing companies, One of the major factor which can influence your traffic is to keep posting your updates multiple times a day. It also allows you to build stronger relationship among your audience.

According to social media marketing company, if you want your audience to keep loyal to you, than you have to feed them regularly. No matter how long you write, whether short or long, but do write something more often! Writing short notes take few seconds, but it is much to keep your followers happy. 

#3: Add Pictures, Videos, Questions, Links in Status Updates

Sometimes, providing  customized solutions is not feasible. Try to provide your audience with the the “how to” videos or self-explanatory screenshots as the way of reply. This types of responses solve the customer problems without having to invest much of your time. You can also automate such videos for the selected queries on the social profile. Provide your email id to your customers at the end and tell them to reach out personally for further queries. Make them belief in you that you will take an appropriate action to solve it soon.  It won’t work if you get 10000 likes, until you don’t interact with your audience.

#4: Use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads

Advertising your brand is one of the powerful weapon one can use for promotion on LinkedIn, since many people rely completely on advertisement for their business. As per top mobile advertising agencies, By spending some amount of money on ad, you will get thousands of like in a quick span of time. 

#5 Response within 24 hours

The most essential way to make sure that your audience will be interested in you is by responding fast. If the customers are giving feedback or leaving comment or writing about the issues, they expect  an instant  reply. However, if the customers are facing any problem that your products have caused, you should at least try to solve it as fast as you can serve. They will not provide you much of their time and in case you fail to find for a solution, they will leave you behind and move to your competitors.

Try to interact with your audience at the appropriate time. Make them feel as a part of a conversation. To know more about the appropriate time to post on social media, check out the following link : Best time to post on Social Media

In Conclusion

These killer tactics will allows your visitors to become your followers. If your followers have many other followers, there are more chances that some of them will notice you and join your network. 

If you are enough creative and if you are capable to monitor what's going on in trend, you will definitely find more innovative ways to improve traffic on your LinkedIn account.

Do you use LinkedIn page for your brand? 

Do you think i had missed with some of the important point?

Do you have an extra suggestion for building more traffic to your LinkedIn Page? 

Please mention your thoughts and advice in the below comment box. We will be back with some more interesting blogs. Till then, stay tuned!

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