How to deal with unhappy customers on social media


How to deal with unhappy customers on social media

You can’t make everyone happy!! Yeah its true. No matter how good your services or products are there will be some customers who will not be satisfied with you and unhappy with your products or services. They might show their displeasure on channels like social media.

Infact being a business owner its likely that you will receive negative comments on social media at some point of time or the other. 

Yes it is seems very unpleasant, but the question arises that what should you do ? Should you ignore such comments or respond back to them? 

Ignoring such comments would give further negative impression of you and our business. So its better to respond.

Have a look on these stats-

  • Above 40% customers share negative reviews on social media.

  • Around 1 million people view tweets of customer service every week. Roughly 70% of those tweets are critical or negative in nature.

  • For every 1 customer complaint, there are around 25 customers who share same feeling but do not complain. 

  • Churn rate can increase by 15% if a company fails to respond to customers on social media.

So, responding your customers on timely manner can turn your unhappy customers into happy ones.

 If you are confused how to convert your angry customers into happy customers. You can use these 5 tricks to that-

  • Stay updated on conversations As a marketer you should know what people are thinking and talking about your brand . Being social and active on social media would help you know better about your brand reputation. Participating in the conversation is very much important. Being a good listener would help you offer better responses to your customers. 

  • Respond as soon as possible - According to a study 25% people turn to competitors after just one bad experience and it takes microseconds for an issue to get viral on social media. Therefore respond as quickly as possible to pacify your customers and take situation under control before it gets worse.

Of Course, it might possible that you can provide solution in such a less time but you can address their concerns and let them know that their problem will be resolved and the reason you are taking so much time. 

This will assure your angry customers that you are taking steps to resolve the issues and giving importance to your customers. Thus this will encourage them to buy from you and they might also recommend you to their friends or family. It can help you in your SEO efforts, you might get more conversions and thus have more authentic business. Get more help from seo companies in mumbai to put your efforts on right track. 

  • Deliver authentic apology

Apologies on social media and review websites can have significant impact on your brand reputation and customer perception. Craft apology in away that it looks genuine and earn respect. It should not look like you are making an excuse.

Just remember, a strong apology can make pacify the anger but a flimsy one can aggravate them further. Also, there is no harm in making your apologies public as it will only help in building a your reputation as a responsible company. 

  • Behave in friendly manner

While handling your unhappy customers make sure you talk with them as you do with your friends. Its nurturing a friendly relationship is very much helpful in growing your business successfully. Don’t ever use fake names or pictures while talking with your customers as it gives a bad impression. Similarly, you can address your customers by their names like their friends do.

Just try to calm them by offering something that will make everything right and put that smile back on their face.
Show your efforts - as it is said earlier, make apologies publicly so that people know what you are doing to solve the issues.. Though there is nothing wrong in making your apology via private mail or message but what about the people who have read that negative post of your company. They will never come to know that you are putting in efforts to resolve the problems and that you are not careless in this regard.

Remember, organization is the key to great apology email. Make sure that vital branding elements such as your company name and custom logo design, etc. pop out. Also, make sure that your contact details are easily spottable. Do not forget to add social share buttons so that customers can easily share feedback about your brand on social media.

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