HOW TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT IN SMUGMUG always thrive to provide the most updated information to the companies and marketers that can help them be more updated and expand more in their business. Today we are here to talk about smugmug and how can you make your account in smugmug and gain some marketing benefits.

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What is smugmug?

It’s a photo sharing website that allows users to manage, tag and share photos. Smugmug for SEO is beneficial, it optimizes the website presence on search engine. It is a good platform to showcase the authority by sharing photos of high quality and relevance and eventually promoting images related to your business. This sharing process is helpful in elevating your online visibility and relevancy.

The account for smugmug starts with 14 days trial. The price range from $40 a year to $300 a year for advanced storage and technical support.

How to create account in

Step 1: Start at

Step 2: click on “try it now” present in the middle of the page.

Step 3: A sign in page would appear.Fill the required form and you will get many designs to choose or your photo website. Choose the one that fit into your taste. Choose one and click on “choose this design”.

Step 4: Now you officially create an account for your photo website. Enter the site name, your smugmug URL, email and password. Answer if you want to sell your photos or not online and then hit on “create”.

Step 5: You go to a tutorial that tells you about how to upload photos for your smugmug website.


To upload picture, click on upload and then click to New gallery.

Step 6: while creating new gallery, make sure to enter the name of the gallery, description and privacy level.when all information are filled, click create.

Step 7: Then either browse or drag and drop photos in the gallery window to start the uploading process. Hit on done and finish the process. 

The best practices in smugmug

  • The site offers 14 days tial to give marketers ample amount of time to decide which design they want.

  • Upload pictures of your business and other images that relates to your industry and location.

  • We recommend you to tag photos with keywords so that they can be better optimized for search engines. The description of the picture should be short and precise.

  • There is a getting started section for users.

Folks! If you want any more information about smugmug, drop your comment and we will solve your query. Keep reading!

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