HOW TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR VIMEO? always thrive to provide the most updated information to the companies and marketers that can help them be more updated and expand more in their business.

Looking at the growing importance of social media platforms for business, Vimeo has a considerate amount of importance in increasing the SEO for a website.

Today have brought the way you can sign in to Vimeo account and what benefit can it provide to your business.

Let us begin!

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is founded by the group of filmmaker. It is a video sharing network available on web. Videos and image media is a powerful medium to communicate with the potential clients also posting and sharing videos of web helps to advertise and create quality links. Hence it is a wiser decision to use Vimeo SEO.

 Let us see looking into the steps for creating account in Vimeo.

Step 1: Go into the homepage of 

Step 2: sign up for Vimeo by registering your first and last name, email address, password. Once the information is filled click on “join”.

Step 3: You have now successfully been part of the Vimeo community!. At this point you have given the opportunity to have premium membership. Click on” No thanks,I’ll stick with free Vimeo Basics for now” to continue.

Step 4: by this stage you will be asked to verify your email address. Go into your email box and click on the link.


Step 5: Congratulations! You have successfully created your account in Vimeo. Now you can begin to upload videos for increasing the exposure of the brand and services.

Best practices for Vimeo

Vimeo has many quality features and customization option that you may use while you upload your videos.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • You can begin with Vimeo by trying to use old videos rather than creating new ones. You may advertise specific product,promotion and do many more activity in videos. Create videos that are appealing to audience so that your viewership can be increased. A Video content should be made in a way that it should satisfy the answers of the customers.

  • Make sure to add keywords in the title tag, description in your videos so that they are easily found on web and also get better optimized for search engines.

  • After you upload video on Vimeo, make sure to share that in all your social media handles and blogs. This will increase the reach of the brand and create the necessary buzz.

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