From Common Terminologies To Significance: Know about Backlinks In SEO


From Common Terminologies To Significance: Know about Backlinks In SEO

You might have heard several times about the term ‘back link’. But, do you know what exactly is signifies? If not, relax! We’re here to clarify all your concepts regarding SEO. To simply put, backlinks serve as a connection between two web pages. There’s no denying that backlinks are one of the important aspects of SEO.

No matter if you’re a blogger or you’ve your own website, here’s a list of terms that you should be acquainted with when it comes to ‘backlinks’:

  • Link Juice: It’s an interesting term which simply describes the situation when a particular webpage redirects to either your web content or your web homepage. ‘Of course, you’ve the option to put an end to this passing link juice with the aid of no-follow tag.’ as cited by top 10 SEO companies in Miami

  • No-follow Link: When your web linking unfolds a no-follow tag, then it is called as no-follow link. It is said that the link has not passed link juice. Though these links do not determine the ranking of your content on Search Engines. According to SEO professionals working in  Los Angeles SEO company, generally webmaster tool discovers unreliable sources of content through nofollow tag.

  • Linking Root Domains: It is a terminology used for the number of back links directing to your website through a separate domain. For an instance, if you create links from another website to yours for 50 times, it will be assumed to be one linked root domain. Clear enough?

  •  Low-Quality Links: Low quality links are a hinder along your path to successful SEO. Any links that emerge out from spam websites to porn ones are termed as low-quality links. You’ve to be really cautious before getting your backlinks.

  • Anchor Text: It is the underlined text within a link. Anchor text is of great help when you intend to secure a Google ranking for certain targeted keywords.

‘With the evolution of Penguin algorithm, the entire concept of backlines has been significantly transformed.’  as quoted by SEO experts in  top 10 SEO companies in Miami  

While back linking, it is not only necessary to link from high-quality websites, but it is also essential to link from contextual as well as relevant websites

Let’s learn why it is of utmost importance for a website to build backlinks:

  •    Enhances Organic Ranking: It is certain that if you secure organic links from another website  to your website’s content, the content will soar in the searches of search engines. The objective behind backlinking is not confined to directing the users to a single post or webpages but it extends to your website homepage.

  •    Quick Indexing: Another major advantage of backlinks is quick indexing. By quick indexing, we simply mean that with backlines, search engines crawl your websites easily. This carries a great significance in respect of newly created websites.

  • Referral Traffic: You create links to avail referral traffic. Generally, referral traffic has a lesser bounce rate and does wonders in SEO. 

As now you’ve familiar with the word ‘backlinks.’ Let’s move a step ahead in backlinks. Keen to know about a few effective ways to produce backlinks to your site? Well, here’re some:

  •   Write simple, easy to understand and well-informed articles: Do a detailed research before actually penning down your blogs and articles. Frame an article in simple English covering targeted keywords. Your content should speak for itself!.

  • Switch to guest blogging: You can write blogs in niche that closely resemble yours. Guest blogging has two fold advantages of better visibility and of course, increased traffic to your website.

  • Make submissions to Web directories: It is one of the simplest ways of generating backlines. Look for an authentic web directory and there you go! A step closer in building backlinks.

I hope that you’re clear with the concept and benefits of backlinks. Feel free to connect with Los Angeles SEO company in case of any query related to SEO as well as suggestions.

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